falling at first sight

It was just a normal day out with my best friend Sophie, thats when my eyes met the sparkly blue eyes of the best looking guy i had ever seen. that's when i relized who he was...


5. The Night

I guess they will just be spending the night.....

We just got back down to the ground floor when the rain had just gotten even heavier. (sigh) "I hate this weather!" Louis yelled in a baby voice, i couldn't help but giggle. this made Niall turn and look at me. His face light up with a beautiful smile and i couldn't help but get lost in the ocean of his eyes. I got snapped out of it when Liam asked. "So, is everyone ready to run?". "Yes!" They all said. We ran out of the door, instantly being soaked. "which way?" I heard, i think it was Zayn. "Emm, left?!" I replied. everyone followed me and within no time we were at the flat.

Niall's p.o.v

Just looking at Nicola in the rain made me think of all those romantic films when they kiss in the rain. i was snapped out of my day dream when she opened the door holding it open for everyone. Sophie then led the way to the flat. I grabbed Nicola's hand and pulled her out into the rain. "Niall, what are you doing?" She asked sounding abit confused. I pulled her towards me and i could feel her heart beat quicken as she relized at what i was going to do. I started to lean in to her when Louis runs out saying "come on guys Sophie has gotten warm towels and blanckets!". I roll my eyes " We can continue this later" I said and winked at her. I took her hand and brought her inside.

Nicola's p.o.v

Wow! i can't believe that just happened. ahh! I walk into the living room to see that they are all drying off. "You guys have a pretty big place" Liam siad. "Yeah , thanks, it was the best we could find, but there is a slight problem" I repled. they all turned to me. "What's wrong?" Louis asked with worry. "It's not too bad but since the cielings are so high it can get pretty cold in here, but we do have tones of hot water bottles and blanckets. And before you say anthing the heating doesn't fill the house properly and when it does it will drive the bill right up," I siad in one big go. they're expressions relaxed alittle then Sophie added. "Oh, yeah, only three bed rooms have beds in them" She smilled and they all started grinning at Harry and Niall. "That's fine we can make it work! Zayn replied winking at us. I could feel my cheeks going red again so i spun round to get some dry clothes.

I quickly got changed into joggies and a loose top. I walk back in and Niall is staring at my. I start to bush and he does that heart warming grin again, i couldn't help but smile. "emm, if you want my brother has some clothes here just incase he needs to stay round, if you want to borrow them?" I asked. "That would be really good thanks" Liam was the only to replie. "How old is your brother?" Niall steps in. "Emm, well he is four years older than me so he is 23" I answerd. "Do you have any other siblings?" Zayn choresd in. "Yeah i have a sister who is 27" I quickly answer back. "I'll just get you guys those clothes" I added quickly. "I'll help you!" Niall shouts jumping from the couch. I couldn't help but smile, Liam saw me so i left the room closely followed by Niall. " This is my bedroom here my brother has a drawer just there with cloth... What?" I ask. "You are so beautiful you know that?" I started to bluch and bight my lip. "That is so cute" He whispers, our lips only inches apart. I could feel his warm minty breath on my face and I loved it. He pulls me close to him and kisses my cheek and pulls away. "tease" i muttered. "Yeah, i know" he smiled and winked at me.

we got the clothes and were back in the living room. The boys wandered off to the spare bed room and got changed. When they got back they all looked so comfortable, they all sat on the sofas and Niall sat next to me. "So, emm, what do you guys want for dinner, cause i'm starving!" i asked with excitment. "When are you not, Nicola?" Sophie giggles. they all turn to me with suprised faces, probably because i'm so small, everyone always is. "Chinese!" I heard Niall yell. "Yes!" They jumped up with glee. "Okay, what do you guys want from the chinese?" (I'm just going to skip getting the orders and calling in). About half an hour later the food had arrived and it was esven o'clock.

I inctantly filled my bowl right to the brim and scoffed it down in a ldy like kind of way because i didn't want to look too weird. Niall did the same but less lady like because he didn't really care. It was completely silent through out dinner apart from us eating. I think it was mainly because we were really hungry but also because we all had just met. I felt though i have known Niall for a thousnad years...

Louis' p.o.v

"Can we watch a movie?" I yell with excitment. "Yeah the rack of DVDs are over there, i'm really tired though so i will probably fall asleep" Nicola yawns. Niall puts his arm around her and she snuggles into his chest. "Awww" Zayn smiled from the other couch. they both just glared at him and went back to watching the TV. "How about Orphan?!" I ask. Nods of the heads form around the room, so i put it into the machine and Sophie pressed play.

Niall's p.o.v

Wow! i still can't believe that i am holding Nicola in my arms. I can even smell the sweet fruty scent of her hair, every inch of her is making me fall for her. It's about three quarters of the way through the film and i think that Nicola is asleep, i glance over and see that Sophie and Harry are asleep too.

The film just finished as Nicola woke up. "What time is it?" She asked rubbung her eyes. "Emm, it's like 12" Zayn yawns. "Oh okay i'm just going to bed, where are you all sleeping cause probably a max of three can sleep on the spare bed?" Nicola questioned us. "We'll figure it out, just go off to bed" I say gentely rubbing her back. she gives me a slight nod and walks off with Sophie. "Well, erm, I could maybe, erm ask to bunk with Nicola, so it isn't so crouded in there" I suggested. they all smiled at me and winked. "Okay, i could also bunk with Sophie, they won't mind. and that means you guys can share the spare bed." Harry added. we all walked off in seperatre directions. i slowly knocked on Nicola's door to await an answer. "Come in" I heard through the door and i walked in. "Can i share your bed with you?" I asked being all inocent. "Emm, yeah" she said, as she got up from her bed, she started goign red again and bit her lower lip. dam, that made her so sexy. "Okay thanks, i will just get ready." i wipped off my trousers, hoodie and shirt so i was just in my boxers. "Do you mind if i just sleep in boxers?" I asked with my cheeky grin again, but i couldn't help it. "No go ahead" She said as she just got under the covers.  I jumped onto the bed and slipped under them too.

We both turned onto our sides facing one another, she was so pretty, that i couldn't help it this time and i leaned in giving her a full on kiss on the lips. she didn't pull back though, i could feel her kissing me bck as the kiss got more passionate. She brought her hands around my neck and ran them through my hair, as she did this i pulled her closer to me by her waist. Her hands started to go down my back and i could feel her hands on my abbs, my hands started to go under her shirt and up to her chest. Soon we started to get quite breathless and pulled away. i leaned my forehead on hers as we were panting. "That was really nice" She breathed. "Yeah, but that's as far as we go right now" I winked at her and wrapped my arms around herand she rested her head on my chest. that was the last thing i remember from that night before we fell asleep in each others arms..


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