I trust you -Harry styles fanfic-

Cleo was bullied since 7th grade. She could never fight back, she was to weak. Luckly one day came where everything changed.


2. New boy

I woke up to my alarm. I groaned and turned it off. I took a shower and put on my usual clothes. A hoodie and sweats. I straightened my hair and grabbed my bag.

"breakfast?" My mom asked

"What do up you think"I asked.

" You're not fat,you need to eat you look weak"

"bye,mom" I said

 I walked to school. While I was walking a car went slow by me.

"yea better keep walking maybe you will lose some weight" they yelled.

I walked faster away as they laughed. Nice way to start the day. As I went into school i sped to my locker. I heard people about a new boy. I looked at the door and I saw him. He had curly hair,green eyes, and cute dimples. I felt somebody tug my shoulder. I saw Erika she was my biggest bully she hated me to her guts.

"Don't stare or he might turn to stone fat a**." She said

I rolled my eyes and she must've saw because she punched me in the stomach. I fell groaning. She started to punch me even more as everybody gathered around laughing with their phones out. When she left I looked up to see her grab the new boy's hand and walk away snickering. I got up and dragged my self to class. I was late  as usual but the teacher never gave me detention they already could tell I was in pain so they left me alone. I sat in the back corner so everybody sat away from me. 

Lunch came soon and my way to bathroom since I didn't want to eat.

-Harry's pov.-

This morning I saw Erika beat up a poor girl. She called her ugly fat, but it wasn't true she was beautiful and had curves. She looked amazing in every single way. Erika disgusted me and when I saw her beat that girl up I was mad.

 As lunch started I saw her walk to bathroom. I followed her but didn't go in I was waiting for her to come out, but it was like 10 minutes so I left. After lunch we had a few more classes. She was in all my classes except for gym. As everyone was about to leave I saw Erika beating that girl up again and throwing her homework at that girls stomach.

"you're lucky you're fat right now because your fat saved the books and it bounced right off" Erika snickered with everybody laughing. 

It wasn't funny! I was gonna go to that girl,but she ran off. I was really mad now!

" Come on Harry" Erika said trying to grab my hand, but I moved it.

"No, leave me alone" I said harshly walking away.

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