I trust you -Harry styles fanfic-

Cleo was bullied since 7th grade. She could never fight back, she was to weak. Luckly one day came where everything changed.


5. I got a new boyfriend but he got new haters





I woke up in my bed as everything from last night came flooding back. I went downstairs to see if Harry was awake. He was but he was in the kitchen. I came in silently and hid behind the counter." you do realize I heard you this whole time right." he stated. "dang it." I said putting on a fake pout while he put the food on the table.we started eating but it was awkward silence until he broke It." can I talk to you about something important." he asked unsure if he should ask me that." yea sure what's it about." I said. I was looking right into his eyes then I looked at his face wow I'm falling hard for him already. " we'll I have this huge crush on you and I don't know if I can keep it in to long." I was shocked my jaw was hanging open as I didn't know what to say.


She just sat there shocked and I was scared to hear her reply. But instead of her saying anything she came over to my side of the table and kissed me. But it wasn't like the ones I shared with other girls. I felt firework. She pulled away and I asked her this " Cleo ashlynn Cruz will you be my girlfriend" " yes I be you're girlfriend Harold Edward styles." I love when she use's

my full name. After awhile she got dressed and we went my house and I got changed. ~SKIP CAR RIDE~.




























As he got to school I held her hand while everyone stared at us I was getting creeped out. Then Erika came out of nowhere. " oh so I see you chose the fat ugly slut." she said. "if I'm a virgin and a slut does that must make you a prostitute since you sleep with someone new every night." Cleo said boldly. " oh so the ugly witch has got the balls to talk crap back well let's see if she will after this." she said and punched her in the stomach with allure force and Cleo fell to the floor holding her stomach. Then Erika grabbed my face and kissed me roughly nothing like Cleo's soft kiss but the bad thing was I started kissing back but i didn't realize that I was. But Cleo got up and ran out the school crying. And the worse part was that you can tell I was kissing bat because my hands ran up and down her side. Once Cleo got out the school I pulled away and ran after. But I don't know where she ran to until I saw her jumping the fence to get out the school and I ran after her. WOW I just got a new girlfriend and fist thing I do is cheat on her. I'm a bloodly twat. 






hey guys sorry I haven't update in a little 



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