I trust you -Harry styles fanfic-

Cleo was bullied since 7th grade. She could never fight back, she was to weak. Luckly one day came where everything changed.


3. A new friend



As I wanted it to school people started laughing at me and I didn't know why. Then Erika came up to me and showed me a picture that was me with drawings on it. It had glass and pimples and 1 brow. Then Erika punched me right in the gut, I fell down in pain. After about 3 minutes of her kicking me I finally got up and ran to the bathroom and cried. That's when the door opened and I flinched thinking it was Erika. But instead a boy came in hugging me and saying everything will be ok. " why are you trying to cheer me up?" I asked through the tears. " because a beautiful girl doesn't deserve to be in pain." he said calmingly. Wait did he just say I was beautiful?! Woah that's a first in years someone called me beautiful that isnt my mom. " thank you um ....." " Harry my name is Harry." he told me with a small smile. That's when the bell rang for 1st period."come on we don't want to be late for class. He said and helped me up. Then we stared in each others eyes. He started leaning in but I ran away. " Cleo wait....." he kept shouting but I ran out the school and went to my secret place that I always went to. I went to a park but the park had woods that no one would go through but me. After 4 minutes of walking in the woods I finally got there. There stood in front of me a waterfall with a big water thing that looked like a huge pool. I sat on my rock that I always sat on. ~2 hours later~ 


I ran to my house forgettng the time. When I got home no one was there. Since I'm an only child and my parents split up and moms always gone I'm home alone. My mom never cared for me only sometimes. I ran upstairs into my room and started picking out clothes to sleep in. Then I took a show and washed everything. After that I got dressed and when to my bed and went on twitter. Then I heard a something break downstairs. Then another thing breaking buy I knew it wasn't my mom she would have shouted up the stairs saying that she was home. I ran to my bathroom once I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. That's when my phone rang in my hand and it was my mom. The person came to my bathroom stupid of me my not to lock my door.

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