3: Stolen

Everything is being stolen. Their friends, their family, and their lives have all been taken away, but who's doing it? At first--it's the Prezlocki brothers. They've taken Peyton and they want Justin to take the money. But when that problem slowly subsides, other ones rise. Where's Ryan? What happened to Chaz? Who the hell is stealing all of Justin's friends, and why does he suddenly find himself going to Peyton for help? There are so many questions, but they wont last long. Soon, they'll figure out the shocking truth about it all. © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


1. Part One

Peyton carelessly threw another flower petal onto the grass, not bothering to notice that Dakota had sat down next to her. He watched her, like Justin would watch her. Though, his eyes didn't show any signs of love or lust--just blankness. A blankness that made Peyton feel cold and empty inside. 

She picked another petal off of the flower. "He's coming," Another petal flew off of the flower. "He's not coming," Another. "He's coming," And before she could pick off the last one, Dakota did it for her. 

He smirked. "He's not coming." 

Peyton frowned and forced tears not to fall. She'd gotten used to Dakota's bitch comments about Justin not coming to get her so: You might as well have sex with me! She'd developed a way to not burst into tears--and sadly, that was to find comfort from Colton, who, surprisingly enough, was the only Prezlocki brother that was being nice to her. Probably because he still took a strong liking towards her, which she didn't mind at this point. 

"How long has it been?" She asked Dakota. 

"Two weeks." 

Peyton sighed. "That doesn't mean he's not coming." 

"Well, nobody knows where the money is, and what are the chances that he'll find it?" Cooper said as he came around to sit on the other side of Peyton. 

Her shoulders slumped. "Whatever, you guys just want me to stay here so you can molest me whenever you feel like it." She jumped at the sudden feeling of strong, muscle-filled arms wrapping around her. Colton set his chin down lightly on her shoulder and she shivered. 

"I don't like it when our guests feel uncomfortable." Colton said. "How about we make a deal?" 

Peyton groaned. "Your deals are never fun." 

"They're fun for me." 

"But not for other people." She huffed. 

"Whatever," He said. "But trust me, this one will be fun." 

Peyton sighed before she gave in. "Fine." 

"If you'll kiss any one of us, whenever we want, all through this week, you can call Justin on Sunday." 

Peyton's breath hitched in her throat. The only thing she heard was: You can call Justin on Sunday. She hastily nodded and she felt Colton smile. 

"Good. I want one right now." 

She immediately turned around and kissed him. As much as she didn't want to, she knew it was what she had to do if she wanted to hear Justin's voice again. Just his voice, was enough to get her going. But for some weird reason, she had her doubts, like Justin was never going to find her again. With a sigh, she pushed the thought out of her mind and disconnected herself from Colton. She rose from the ground and brushed the grass off of her jeans. 

Without another look at the Prezlocki brothers, she muttered, "This is going to be the longest week of my life. Justin, if you're looking for me--please come quick." 

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