3: Stolen

Everything is being stolen. Their friends, their family, and their lives have all been taken away, but who's doing it? At first--it's the Prezlocki brothers. They've taken Peyton and they want Justin to take the money. But when that problem slowly subsides, other ones rise. Where's Ryan? What happened to Chaz? Who the hell is stealing all of Justin's friends, and why does he suddenly find himself going to Peyton for help? There are so many questions, but they wont last long. Soon, they'll figure out the shocking truth about it all. © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


5. Chapter 4

"How many tickets did you get?" Chaz asked. 

"Yeah, if you're leaving, I have to come with you." Ryan agreed. 

Justin sighed and turned his head towards Christian. With a whisper, he said, "Even if I did get more than one ticket, you'd be the person to bring. They're too annoying." 

Christian grinned. "Thanks dude. Though, I'm not sure how good I am with the whole 'killing' subject." 

Justin shrugged. "It's actually not that hard. Just imagine that you're stabbing an inanimate object and you'll be fine. But I only bought one ticket, so I'll teach you some other time." 

"Hey, it's okay man. If my girlfriend was in danger, hell I'd kill anybody if that were the situation." Christian patted Justin's back as he turned back to Ryan and Chaz. With a pointed gesture at the both of them, they stopped arguing about who Justin would take with him. 

"Shut up," Justin snapped. "Please. My head is literally pounding." 

"Don't get all snarky now." Chaz warned. 

Ryan sighed and rolled his eyes. "Yeah Justin, you should really think about your friends' feelings. My eyes are literally watering." 

Justin furrowed his eyebrows and took a deep breath. "I wouldn't, Butler." 

"I would." Chaz grinned. "Go ahead Ryan. Keep going." 

Ryan smirked at Chaz's suggestion, obviously getting high off of Justin's anger. Though he knew it was completely wrong at this time. "Okay. I mean, we could do this all day. Peyton's probably perfectly fine with Colton between her legs." 

At this point, Justin grabbed Ryan's shirt roughly and slammed him against the wall. The hit was so hard, in fact, that Ryan's limp body slid to the ground. Chaz gasped with surprise. Christian stared--but said nothing. 

"You killed him!" Chaz screamed, bending down over Ryan. 

Justin snorted. "Actually, smart-ass, I didn't. He's just unconscious and that's the way it should be right now." He turned around and grabbed his gun off of the coffee table--slipping it into his back pocket. He ignored the sound of Chaz's protesting and he said his goodbyes to Christian instead. As he was walking out of the front door, he hit the redial button on his phone and set the phone to his ear. 

It only took one ring until someone picked up. "If you're an old drug dealer--I found a new one. Get the fuck out of my face now." 

Justin was genuinely taken aback. "Even if I had drugs, I wouldn't give them to you. Which one is this?" 

"Dakota." The husky voice on the other line said. "In case you were wondering, Peyton's not here right now." 

"What do you mean she's not there?" Justin's body tensed up. 

Dakota laughed at Justin's sudden change in mood. "Don't freak out, lover boy. I mean she's not available to talk right now." 

"Why not?" 

"She's--" Dakota broke off as the sound of a loud, high pitched scream sounded from his end of the line. "Busy." Justin could almost imagine him smirking as he hurt Peyton. It was horrible. 

"What is wrong with you guys?" Justin spat. "What the fuck are you doing to her?" 

"I'm not doing anything to her." Dakota stated, tiredly. "Colton is. Probably because she told you where we were. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow." 

Justin pressed the phone against his shoulder as he opened the door to his new car and got into it. "The feeling's mutual." 

Dakota made a surprised noise. "Really? I never would've guessed that you'd be excited to see me and my brothers." 

Justin laughed hysterically at the comment. "Oh, no. That's not the case at all. I'm excited to see my girlfriend--something that you've probably never felt--but if you say it that way, I guess I'm excited to see the look on your face when I kill you." 

"The feeling's mutual, Bieber." Dakota spat with venom in every word. "The feeling is most definitely mutual."  

"Good." Justin said cheerfully, just to annoy Dakota. "Then I guess it's just a matter of who kills who first." 

"Hopefully it's me." 

"You can do better." Justin stated bluntly. 

Dakota sighed. "Whatever. Somebody else wants to talk to you. I'll see you tomorrow." 

Oddly, that sounded like something Justin would've said to Ryan if he was normal and they had just hung out. That's how close him and Ryan were. Suddenly, he felt bad for knocking him out. 

"Justin." Someone said on the other line, causing him to jump. 

"Colton." He said, now realizing who'd spoken. 

"I'm not excited to see you tomorrow, in case you were wondering. You're just going to ruin all of my fun and kill my family. Nothing we haven't been through before."

"Just get to the point, Prezlocki." Justin snapped. "And make it quick, I have to catch a plane." 

"Well, good, while you're waiting, you can hear your girlfriend." 

Justin's whole body perked up--but his mind was thinking otherwise. He knew, that whatever Peyton was going to say, wasn't going to be good. 

"Wait, never mind, she's busy in the bathroom." 

"Doing what?" Justin asked, suspicious. 

"Probably cleaning off the blood. I can hear the shower running." Colton sneered wickedly. "That's all I'm going to say. At least she gets a nice shower to clean off the little bit--before it pools at her feet tomorrow. Maybe I'll join her." 

Justin's jaw tightened. "I'll see you tomorrow." 

And with that, he hung up--and sped towards the airport; wanting nothing more than to make sure that Peyton was alright. Though, he knew she wouldn't be. And he never knew if he'd be able to make it up to her. For taking away her normal life, just because he wanted her. It was basically his fault. All of this. 

There were two things he could do, and he had his mind set on one, even though it would leave everybody dead--except for the two of them--it would leave him alone. And that was the hardest decision he'd ever had to make. 

Oh well, he thought. Maybe you'll get to kiss her one last time before she goes--that's if she isn't dead before you get there.


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