3: Stolen

Everything is being stolen. Their friends, their family, and their lives have all been taken away, but who's doing it? At first--it's the Prezlocki brothers. They've taken Peyton and they want Justin to take the money. But when that problem slowly subsides, other ones rise. Where's Ryan? What happened to Chaz? Who the hell is stealing all of Justin's friends, and why does he suddenly find himself going to Peyton for help? There are so many questions, but they wont last long. Soon, they'll figure out the shocking truth about it all. © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


4. Chapter 3

Peyton stumbled her way up the stairs without falling. To her, it was impressive. To every one that was staring at her--it was probably weird and uncalled for. She smiled wearily at the group of people in front of her. Dakota, Cooper, and Samantha were placed on one leather couch; Colton on the other. Her mind was racing. Should she tell them? Or should she keep her mouth shut and wait, so she can tell Justin? 

At the moment, she didn't want to tell them. So she said nothing, as she made her way over to the spot next to Colton and sat down. Samantha whispered something to Cooper, causing him to smack her leg. Aside from them, only Dakota and Colton were left staring at her. 

"What happened?" Dakota asked. "When I came upstairs, you were fine. What--did you push too hard?" 

Peyton caught herself before she swore at him. Instead, she absent-mindlessly wrapped her arms around Colton's torso--catching him off guard for a moment. He stroked her soft hair comfortingly.  

"What's wrong?" said Colton, as he placed a gentle kiss to her forehead. 

She sniffled, trying to sound as sad as she felt, though, she wasn't sure if it was convincing enough. "I just miss Justin. That's all." 

Colton stiffened at the mention of her boyfriend, but his body relaxed so quickly that Peyton thought that she must have just imagined it. It took a while before he replied, though. 

"Well," Colton gently pushed Peyton off of him. "You can't see him until he gives us what's rightfully ours."  

"I know I can't see him." Peyton said irritably. "I just want to hear his voice. Are you really going to make me wait for that?" 

Somebody cleared their throat from behind them. Peyton whipped her head around to see who it was and Dakota smirked at her. "It's only Wednesday. You have to wait until Sunday. That's when our deal is finished. Right, Colton?" 

Dakota shot a look towards his brother--but all Colton did was frown. "Not necessarily. It's not going to do any damage, just to have her call him." He turned toward Peyton just in time to catch her surprised expression. "But I'll have to be in there with you, just in case you tell him where we are."  

Peyton managed a nod. "Can I use your phone?" 

"You don't have one?"

"No," She confessed. "I broke it when you called me that one time. I was so frustrated, and Justin was still 'dead'." 

"That's reassuring." Colton said with an unsettled look. "Because I don't have one either. I lost it when I crashed the car. Dakota has one though." He turned to his brother and held out his hand, gesturing for him to hand his phone over. With an irritable, low groan, Dakota fished his phone out of his pocket and handed it over. Colton smirked before giving it to Peyton.  

She thanked Dakota, and then started to dial the number that was now etched into her brain. After a long while of ringing, there was no answer. With a stifled cry, Peyton hid her face into her hands. 

Colton rubbed her back. "Hey, it's okay. Let's go into my room and try again." 

So they did. And it worked this time, because on the third ring, someone picked up. It wasn't Justin, but it was another reassuring voice. Ryan. 

"Who the hell is this?" Typical greeting from Ryan to an unknown number. 

"Ryan," Peyton basically cried. "Oh my god, Ryan. It's me."  


"Yes. Ryan, where's Justin?" 

"Are you okay?" He asked. "Have they hurt you? What's wrong?" 

"Nothing's wrong, kind of." She said. "Can I talk to Justin?" 

"Of course. Hold on." 

For a minute, everything was silent. And then Justin's frantic voice was heard on the other line. Peyton was so relieved that she could barely talk. But she managed. 


"Hi," Justin croaked. "I miss you."  

"I miss you too. Are you okay?" Peyton asked, though she wasn't sure if it was the right thing to ask. Of course he wasn't okay. 

"No. But all I care about is you. Where are you?" 

"I," She broke off with a glance at Colton. His eyes were raised skeptically--warning her that there were consequences if she told Justin. "Can't tell you." 

"Let me guess," Justin said, his voice suddenly hard with anger. "Colton's sitting right next to you?" 

Peyton nodded even though he couldn't see her.

A loud crash was heard on the other line, followed by Justin's heavy breathing. "Okay. Here's what we're going to do," 

"Justin don't get so mad." Peyton sniffled. "Please." 

"I'm not mad." He sighed. "Okay?" 


"Just give me hints as to where you are, so I can find you. Don't make them obvious. I don't want Colton to hurt you because he figured out what you were doing. I can figure it out from there." He said. 

Peyton swallowed, trying not to glance over at Colton. With a deep breath, she nodded again. And with her best effort--she cried. "Remember those times back at home?

"Which ones?" Justin asked, sounding genuinely confused at the question. 

"All of them. When Chaz punched me in the eye, and you took me back to your house? I slept in your bed for the first time then. And the first time we both slept in that bed? How about the time Chaz almost raped me, and I ran into you on accident, and you held me for the first time?" 

"I remember." He confirmed. "But why are you saying all of those things? They all happened back in Stra--" He broke off with a gasp, finally realizing what she was hinting at. "Back at the old house in Stratford." 

Peyton sighed with relief, tears brimming her eyes. 

"I'll be there tomorrow. Stay put, and try not to get hurt." 

And with that, he hung up. 

Peyton set the phone down on the bed as she wiped some of the tears from her eyes. Colton rose from the bed without a word and headed for the door. She raised an eyebrow as he turned towards her. 

"Don't bother saying anything." Colton mused. "I heard the whole conversation." 

Peyton's mouth parted slightly. 

Colton smirked down at her. "And don't think that there won't be consequences. Stay put, Peyton, and wait for your awfully painful punishment." He grinned one more time and shut the door after him.  

With a choked-back sob, Peyton buried her face in her hands. Wanting nothing more than to be with Justin right now, instead of tomorrow.

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