3: Stolen

Everything is being stolen. Their friends, their family, and their lives have all been taken away, but who's doing it? At first--it's the Prezlocki brothers. They've taken Peyton and they want Justin to take the money. But when that problem slowly subsides, other ones rise. Where's Ryan? What happened to Chaz? Who the hell is stealing all of Justin's friends, and why does he suddenly find himself going to Peyton for help? There are so many questions, but they wont last long. Soon, they'll figure out the shocking truth about it all. © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


21. Chapter 18

"Hi," Justin said as Peyton opened her eyes. She looked around the unfamiliar room that they were in. It was obviously a hospital room, and her arm was bandaged up, so she assumed that she'd been hurt somehow. 

Justin was sitting next to her bed, smiling. Peyton couldn't help but smile back at him, which only made his smile even wider. He touched her forehead with the back of his hand lightly. 

"Good, you're not burning up anymore." 

Peyton made a face and turned over to face him. "How long have I been asleep?" 

Justin started counting on his fingers just to annoy her, and she wished that her arm wasn't broken so she could smack him. He laughed at the look on her face and said, "Only two hours." 

"Okay." Peyton rolled over onto her back again, looking up at the ceiling. "Who were you talking to earlier?" 

He tensed up. But it happened so quickly that Peyton thought she had just imagined it. "I wasn't talking to anybody." 

"Oh, really?" Peyton raised an eyebrow. "I wasn't sleeping, you know."

"You weren't?" 

"Nope." She said. "Who were you talking to?" 

"Peyton, now isn't the time to be nosy." Justin snapped, making her flinch. She nodded, not wanting to antagonize him any further, but he was already placing a kiss to her forehead. "I'm sorry." 

"It's fine. I'm just curious." She looked down and played with a loose strand of her hair. 

"I don't want to worry you with anything." Justin said. "But I suppose it'll explain why you saw Colton in the parking lot." 

At that moment, Peyton almost got out of the hospital bed. She stayed put, though. "Was it really Colton? Were you talking to him??" 

"No, of course not. He's dead." 

"Then who the fuck were you talking to, Justin?" 

Justin raised an eyebrow. "Don't get all worked up. I was talking to this guy named Adam. Apparently he has a twin brother and they look a lot like Colton." 

"So Colton's really dead?" 

"Yes." He said. "They all are. But before Dakota died, he contacted Adam, Adam's brother, and someone else to help get rid of us. I over heard their conversation." 

Peyton smiled. "I'm not surprised that Dakota wanted somebody else to carry out the Prezlocki dirty-work." She took a deep breath. "But that doesn't explain why the police officer who spoke to you had their last name." 

Justin's eyes grew wide. "He did? Why didn't you tell me?" 

"I did tell you. You asked me if his last name was annoying, and I said yes." 

This time, Justin's eyes rolled. "You could've told me his actual last name!" 

"I could've, but I didn't." 

Peyton looked up at Justin now, who was glaring down at her. He seemed genuinely mad, but when Peyton bit her lip and giggled, he smashed his lips onto hers. Justin took no hesitation in climbing on top of her, pinning her down so she couldn't do anything. She hated when he was completely in control, though, this time she deserved it. 

The door to their room opened, and Peyton fought to push Justin off of her. He only smiled and kept kissing her like nobody was there. She silently cursed him for being so determined like that, but she figured that the only thing she could do was kiss him back. 

As she did, however, Justin pulled away. Peyton wanted to complain right as Justin placed his lips down on her neck. She couldn't help but moan, and she felt bad for whoever was still standing there watching them. At least, she thought that someone was still standing there, because the door hadn't opened again. 

Justin pulled away from her neck. She looked down, and sure enough there was a hickey. Peyton turned her gaze back to Justin, who was smirking down at her. She wrapped her good hand behind his neck to pull herself up. 

"Someone's here." Peyton whispered. 

"I know." He whispered back, placing his lips onto hers again. She shivered before moving her lips with his. Justin's lips were normally soft, but he was kissing her with a fiery passion--like he was afraid that she was going to disappear or something. 

Peyton pulled away for a brief moment. "Justin, we can't do this here." 

Justin nuzzled his face into her neck before mumbling, "I know." 

She giggled and turned her head to find Ryan standing there, mouth open. Peyton couldn't help but laugh even more. 

"Do you guys do that every time one of you is in a hospital bed? Is your own bed not good enough?" Ryan said, shaking his head. "I'm out of here." 

He walked out, leaving Peyton alone with Justin, who's face was still buried in her neck. She played with the ends of his hair with her good hand and he started to place butterfly kisses on her neck. 



"If all of this just starts to subside...do you think there will be a future for us?" 

This made Justin's head shoot up. He studied her with his big, brown eyes, and Peyton wanted to melt. "Future?" 


She hoped he would say something like: Yeah, of course I do. I love you. But instead, he rolled over to lay beside her, wrapped his arms around her, and said: "I'll think about it." 

A moment later, he was snoring softly, leaving Peyton to stare at the ceiling and wonder why the hell he didn't want a future with her. 

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