3: Stolen

Everything is being stolen. Their friends, their family, and their lives have all been taken away, but who's doing it? At first--it's the Prezlocki brothers. They've taken Peyton and they want Justin to take the money. But when that problem slowly subsides, other ones rise. Where's Ryan? What happened to Chaz? Who the hell is stealing all of Justin's friends, and why does he suddenly find himself going to Peyton for help? There are so many questions, but they wont last long. Soon, they'll figure out the shocking truth about it all. © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


2. Chapter 1

"Yuck," Chaz tilted his head towards the floor to spit out the swig of beer he'd just taken. "It tastes horrible when you're upside down." 

He was right. Justin was lying upside down on the couch, next to Chaz. Christian was on the other side of him, and on the other side of Christian, was Ryan. Chaz thought it would be a good idea to have the four of them sit upside down--like they were doing now--and drink beer. 

Chaz's shirt was damp from the beer that he'd choked up, and Justin had to admit that he looked ridiculous. With a sigh, Justin hoisted himself into a normal sitting position, as did Ryan and Christian. Chaz remained upside down. 

"Great." Justin said. "Now my head's going to pound." 

Chrisitan shrugged as Chaz finally decided to sit normally like the rest of them. "It was going to pound from all the alcohol anyways."

"I wish Peyton were here," Ryan said, shooting a glance at Justin. "She's always fun when she's drunk." 

Justin scowled. "You only think that because she tried to get you to rape her." 

"Not rape," Ryan corrected. "Friendly sex." 

Justin rolled his eyes, then frowned. He tried not to think about Peyton a lot--even though it's only been two weeks since they saw each other--but, it never worked. He always, always, ended up thinking about her. Even when she was in the room with him. 

Chaz patted his back. "Don't take it personally," He said. "From what you've told me, she tends to lean towards other guys when you're not around. Like, they remind her of how you hold her or something, and she'll just take comfort from them. Though, she didn't do that when you were 'dead'" He paused to put quotations around dead. "because she thought you were never coming back." 

"What," Justin said. "So she has friendly sex with everybody when she misses me? Does that mean she's sucking face with Colton, right now?" 

"It's possible." Ryan said. "But don't think about that too much. You can just kill him in return." 

"Well how am I going to do that when I don't have the slightest idea of where he is?" 

Everybody shrugged. 

"Thanks guys." Justin sighed, putting his head in his hands. "Now I'm never going to find her." 

"Don't say that." Chaz said. "Let's just think of which of us has the money. You know, I think it's Ry Good. We could go visit him in Arizona?" 

"No," Ryan said immediately. "I do not want to drive from Georgia to Arizona again. Too much wasted time. Plus, why would he have it?" 

"Then there's no point. None of us has the money, so let's just try to find the Prezlocki's and Peyton. Okay? I'm not worried about fucking money, it's Peyton that I want." Justin said angrily as he got up from the couch. All eyes were on him as he made his way over to the swirling staircase. He took one more look at his friends, then disappeared upstairs to his room. 



"Coltonnnn," Peyton called from the kitchen. Colton came down the hallway almost immediately. He was wearing knee-length jean shorts and his chest was bare. Peyton tried not to stare. 

"What?" He asked, sounding kind of irritated. Though, Peyton never had a clue what mood he was in. 

She trailed her finger along the smooth granite of the kitchen counter. "Did you pick this place because you knew it would be the last place that Justin would look?" 

He shrugged. "I guess, I mean, why would he come back here?" 

"For me." 

"Well, good then, because he doesn't know where you are." 

"Yeah," Peyton said sadly. "That's great."

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