Summer Love

Serenity is a troublemaker and isn't really accepted in her family because shes different and doesn't act like she should. After she takes it over the top before summer vacation, her parents send her away to stay in London with her aunt for the summer. She hates it there until she realizes that there are people like her and that there is someone who truly understands her pain. Can someone change her perspective of life and maybe cause her heart to beat a little faster?
In this story, a small town stubborn girl falls into the hands of a big city and might just be falling head over heels.
(Note: This story is going to be a bit like "Dark" so I give credit to the author of "Dark" if any of my ideas sound similar or seem similar to those of that in "Dark".)


5. That Boy

I woke up to an amazing aroma that captured my smell. My stomach began to growl at the scent. I swung my feet over the side of the bed as I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up a bit. I took my long, dark hair and threw it into a messy bun. I walked down the stairs as my feel left creeking sounds behind me. I followed the scent into the kitchen as I was greeted by Aunt El. She was the one who caused the amazing smell.

"Want some love?" She asked. I quickly nodded before my mouth began to water. She grabbed a plate from the cupboard as she placed some bacon, eggs, sausage, and pancakes on my plate. She sat at the table with me as we talked.

"So remember last night when I told you about the mall?" I was hoping she forgot but  I guess I was wrong.

"Yea. I remember." I really didn't want to go but I also didn't want to be rude and say that I didn't want to go.

"Well do you want to go? I think you'll have lots of fun!" She said with a huge smile.

"Sure. What time does it open?" I said with a fake voice and smile.

"3 pm."

"Ok, ill finish up breakfast and start getting ready."

I brought my plate over to the sink and washed it and then went upstairs as Aunt El disappeared into her room.

I stripped off my clothes as I turned the knob on to the shower. I stood under as the warm water washed over my small figure. My wet hair clung to my back is it reached down just above my bum. My hair was the only thing I was most confident because it was my favorite thing on me.

I turned the shower off as I searched for a towel. I took a warm towel from the basket under the sink. I wrapped it around my body as I tied it at the top so it didn't fall as I walked to the room.

I decided to wear something simple. Some high-waisted shorts and a crop top accompanied my torso and legs as vans accompanied my feet. I placed my hair over my left shoulder as curls began to form in the long strands of hair. My makeup consisted of eyeliner and mascara, not to impress but to make a statement. I applied some shiny lip gloss to take away the pale look of them. I walked over to my desk as I fiddled around and looked for my necessities. I grabbed my 'journal', phone, headphones, and pen as I packed them into my bag. I swung it over my shoulder and walked back downstairs. I saw that the clock on the wall in the livingroom read 2:15 pm.

I walked to Aunt El's room as I knocked on the door.

"Yes love? Come in."

"Hey, uh, Aunt El, about how long does it take to get there?"

"About 45 minutes. Why?"

"Well its 2:15."

"Well then lets go!" she said while clapping her hands. She was funny in a corky way.

We walked to her car as she locked the house door behind us.

The drive was filled with singing as we sang to our favorite tunes on the radio. She had the same interests in music as me which I found bizarre.

We finally pulled up to a parking garage as I noticed it was crowded with people ready to explore the unseen building. Aunt El and I both looked at each other with wide eyes.

"Here, give me your phone so I could put my number in." She said as she held out her hand.

I fiddled through my bag as I finally found it. I placed it into her hand as she added her name and number into the contacts. "so  now if you ever need me, you can call me."

She handed me some money. I was about to refuse her offer as she got out of the car. I knew she didn't do it to be mean. She knew that I was going to refuse taking her money.

We walked to the lift as we pressed the button to the mall floor. A few parents with their children joined us on the ride. We made it to the top as we disembarked and I was left to explore the new territory.

I walked around until I saw a store that had my interests. I walked in to be greeted by a lady with a huge smile.

"Hello. Welcome to Clothes Galore. Do you need help finding anything?" The lady spoke.

"Uh, no, im just looking." I replied.

I made my way over to some racks with some graphic tees. I wanted to buy some stuff but I wasn't sure how the whole pound thing worked so I just decided that I would wait until I was sure. I walked over to the magazine section as I flipped through the pages.

"Hello Beautiful." I heard a deep accent whisper into my ear. I slowly placed the magazine back into its place while the rest of my body remained frozen.

"Remember me?" He spoke again. This time I turned my head to face the boy. I looked up into his eyes as I noticed they looked familiar. I had seen them before. I took a step back as I saw his skin and hair color. Those I recognized too.

"Uh, y-yeah." I said as I stuttered.

I went to walk away as he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him.

"You have a lovely smile." He whispered once again into my ear. This time, it sent shivers down my spine. He was the one I had seen in the car. He looked so sweet then but now, second thoughts filled my mind.

He slipped his hands into my back pant pocket as he pulled out my phone from the slot. I watched, still frozen, as he fiddled with the keyboard, pressing numbers and letters. Once finished, he slipped the phone back into its place as he gently squeezed my bum. I held in my squeal as he chuckled like it was amusing.

"I'll see you around,  love." He said with a smirk and with that, he was gone.


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