Summer Love

Serenity is a troublemaker and isn't really accepted in her family because shes different and doesn't act like she should. After she takes it over the top before summer vacation, her parents send her away to stay in London with her aunt for the summer. She hates it there until she realizes that there are people like her and that there is someone who truly understands her pain. Can someone change her perspective of life and maybe cause her heart to beat a little faster?
In this story, a small town stubborn girl falls into the hands of a big city and might just be falling head over heels.
(Note: This story is going to be a bit like "Dark" so I give credit to the author of "Dark" if any of my ideas sound similar or seem similar to those of that in "Dark".)


3. Smiling Boy

"Alright folks. We have just landed at the London Airport. Please grab your belongings as we will be unloading in five minutes." I hear the pilot say. "Thank you for choosing American Airlines and have a fun and safe trip."

Yea, fun alright.

I grab my carry on bag and put my phone into the zip up pocket. I sling the straps over my shoulders and hop into the line of sweaty airplane passengers. We make our way to the gate as we dispatch into the busy airport. I get nudged and bumped into a couple of times by some speedwalkers but it didn't really bother me.

I was looking for baggage claim but couldn't seem to find it in the massive building. I walked over to a security officer and asked him for some guidance.

"Um, hi, sir? Um, I was wondering where baggage claim was for Terminal A from California." I said as I stumbled on my words a bit.

"Oh yes. Follow me. You've seem to have gotten yourself very lost. Your baggage claim is on the other side of the airport." He said with a thick British accent but also with a warm smile. "Whats your name, love?"

"Oh, um, I'm Serenity." I said not really sure if I should've exposed that information.

"Nice to meet you Serenity. I'm James." He replied with a shake of my hand.

We walked for about 5 minutes to the other side of the airport as he lead me to Baggage Claim Terminal A.

"Here you are love." He said as he pointed to the circling conveyor belt.

"Thank you, uh, James? James." I had kind of forgotten his name at the moment. I had too much on my mind.

I know I would have sounded like a ditz  if I asked him if he knew who my aunt was but it was worth a try. I had already made it to the wrong and opposite side of the airport and I wasn't going to get lost looking for my aunt again.

Before he made it any farther, I spoke.

"Oh, um, James, I'm really sorry if this causes you any trouble but I was wondering if you knew a woman by the name Eleanor. She lives here in London and she's supposed to be meeting me here but, as you can tell, I have no idea where I'm going." I say trying not to sound as desperate as I probably did.

"Eleanor Thompson?" He asks as a smile spreads across his lips.

"Yes, her."

"Yes I know her. Oh, and yes I know where she is! Follow me." He says as I quickly grab my suitcase from the conveyor belt. He looked a little excited as he led me in the direction to my aunt.

As he slowed down his walking pace, we approached a beautiful woman with long burgundy hair in a floral printed dress. She had a smile on her face as she recognized who I was.

"Hello love!" She said as she wrapped her arms around my back. I was still at caution with this woman, even though she was my aunt. She hasn't been in my life for a long time so she needed to prove to me that she could be trusted.

"Uh, hi." I say with a weak smile as she lets go of me.

"Hello El." James says with a huge grin.

"Hi James." Aunt Eleanor says with a weak laugh as if this was a regular routine for her. I could tell that James had a big crush on my aunt which I thought was kind of cute and weird at the same time.

"So Serenity, I know that this all strange for you but I promise that you and I will get to know each other better by the end of these three months. I don't want you to shy away from me. I want you to talk to me like a friend because I know what you're going through." She says. But that's what everyone says. Everyone claims that they know what i'm going through but then they just seem to topple me down. Nobody knows what I feel on the inside. Nobody knows that I feel neglected and unwanted. Nobody knows that besides me and it takes a lot of trust for somebody to know my deepest secrets that I don't plan on telling.

I just give a small nod as she tells me to follow her to her car. She takes my suitcase as she rolls the wheels against the airport floor.

Once we reached the exit, the cool summer night air hit my face with a refreshing feel. I had been stuffed into a hot and muggy airplane for hours and it felt nice to feel crisp, clean air for the day.

Aunt Eleanor popped her trunk open and gently laid my suitcase down. She reached for the backpack that I was wearing but I backed away from her hands.

"Um, its personal." I quietly said. She gave a reassuring smile and a small nod as she pointed me into the passenger seat of the car. I walked my way over and sat in the seat next to her.

I took out my phone to see that there was 50% battery remaining. I also took a quick look at the time. 6:00 pm. It was still light outside but the sun was beginning to set. I didn't want to be rude but I put in my headphones. She looked at me and laughed a bit. I could tell that she knew how teens were these days with their electronics.

I was looking out through the window at the sky. It was a very beautiful pink color as the sun began to set. We pulled up to a red light as the car slowly hauled to a stop. A car pulled up next to us as I noticed the driver was a boy about my age. Dark brown hair and tannish skin. I quickly looked back up to the view of the sky as I noticed him take interest to me. I looked back at the view of the boy as he gave me a smile. I just looked at him confused until I gave him a small smile back.

As the stop light turned back to green, our car pulled off leaving the image of the smiling boy stuck in my head.


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