Summer Love

Serenity is a troublemaker and isn't really accepted in her family because shes different and doesn't act like she should. After she takes it over the top before summer vacation, her parents send her away to stay in London with her aunt for the summer. She hates it there until she realizes that there are people like her and that there is someone who truly understands her pain. Can someone change her perspective of life and maybe cause her heart to beat a little faster?
In this story, a small town stubborn girl falls into the hands of a big city and might just be falling head over heels.
(Note: This story is going to be a bit like "Dark" so I give credit to the author of "Dark" if any of my ideas sound similar or seem similar to those of that in "Dark".)


4. I Know How You Feel

Aunt Elanors house was a pretty modern home. It was pretty big for a woman who lived on her own. She didn't seem bothered by the fact that she was single. I think she was kind of enjoying it.

"Well here it is. Welcome to my house Serenity." She spoke with her sweet accent and large smile.

"Its nice." I say with a little bob to my head.

"Are you hungry at all? I can fix you up a meal after I show you to your room. Im a little hungry myself." She says.

'Um. Sure. I am a little hungry." Was my reply.

 I was lead up many stairs that seemed to go on forever. I was taken down a long hallway until we stopped. I was so mezmerized by the interior design, that I hadnt even noticed she stopped walking until I bumped into her. 

She began to laugh.

"Sorry." I said as I backed up.

"Dont worry. I get distracted all the time." She said with a wink.

She gave me a small tour of the hallway upstairs. It was kinda like my own little house. The whole upstairs belonged to me. It held my room, a bathroom, and a living room. 

"This is perfect. I've always wanted to live on my own as an independent person and this is a step closer." I said with wide eyes.

"I know. Thats why I let this all belong to you while youre here." Aunt Eleanor said.

"How did you know?" Confusion was heard in my dialogue.

"When I look at you, I see the younger me. Serenity, I was just like you at your age. It was hard being nineteen. My parents didnt let me do certain things and they were also very strict and I felt like I needed attention from them so thats why I caused trouble. Thats why I was the way I was. I didnt understand why they didnt let me leave the house. I was nineteen! I was done with school and they still didnt let me leave the house." She spoke while looking me in the eyes. "Come, ill show you where your room is and tell you more."

I followed her into a grand bedroom. The bed was humungous! The walls were covered in many designs. Twinkling lights hung from the ceiling. A desk sat by the window with a computer and a TV.

"Is this all for me?!" I said as I could barely keep my mouth closed. I had never been spoiled this much. It was a little shocking, really.

"Yup. This will be your room for the next three months."

"Woah." I said as I put my bags down by the desk along with my huge suitcase.

Aunt Eleanor sat on  the bed as she patted the spot next to her, directing me to sit.

"Okay, so where was I? Oh yeah, I know exactly how you feel. So yes, I know your parents are annoying, and I get that so thats why when they called me to ask if you could stay here, I happily said yes because I knew what you were going through. I do think your father and mother are a little hard on you, but only because they dont understand what youre going through. But i do, ok? So if you ever need to talk to me, im here. Anytime." She gave me a hug and this time I hugged her back. Nobody had ever been so gentle and sweet when dealing with me. She really knows how I feel and shes not just saying it to say it. Maybe living with her wont be as bad as I thought.

"Thank you Aunt El. Can I call you that?" I replied.

"Of course!" She said with a big smile. "Now, im going to make us some food because im starved!" And with that, she was off to the kitchen.

I looked around the room at the carefully decorated walls. I was still in shock at this all. I began unpacking and putting my clothes into the walk in closet. Yes, a walk in closet! 

I decided to sit at the desk as I pulled out my "Journal". I call it a journal because its where I write things down. There is alot of private stuff in there but I dont like calling it a journal because its really not. I take it every where I go. Along with my small backpack and sketchpad. I like to save memories by drawing them. And if i dont have th time to draw it, I take a picture of it and draw it later. Its more of a secret talent. Nobody knows besides me.

Along with my "journal", I pulled out the sketchpad and began to draw the room. It fascinated me with its unique architecture and I wanted to remember it so I began working on the drawing.

"Whatcha got there?" i heard a voice say over my shoulder.

The sound of the voice startled me a bit until I noticed it was just Aunt El.

"Oh, um. Well, I'm just drawing the room." I said while choking on my words a bit.

"Thats amazing! Youre very talented Serenity." She said as she out her hand on my shoulder. "Oh, and here you go. A nice bowl of fruit salad." 

I was so glad that this is what she made. I was really in the mood for something cool and refreshing in this summer heat.

"thank you."

Your welcome love. Oh. and I hope you know you couldve turned on the air conditioner. Its scorching hot in here!" She said while fanning her hands over her face.

"Whoops. I didnt notice." i said as I gave a fake laugh out of embaressment.

While eating our bowls of fruit, she talked about me needing to get to know some people around the area. She spoke about an opening of  the new Central London Shopping Mall. 

"You should go. It'll give you an opportunity to meet some new people." A smile spread on her face.

"Um. Yea. Sounds cool." I gave her a fake smile but she bought it. I wasnt really good with socializing but it was worth a shot. I didnt want to have to be bored for the next three months.

I showered and put on some comfortable clothes to sleep in. It was a very interesting day. Thoughts filled my head as my eyes closed and eventually i fell asleep.



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