Poetry Analysis

a poem about the subject I am doing in English at the moment in school. just about how irritating I find this topic really, but in a (hopefully) funny way :L hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it :D xx


1. Poetry Analysis

"The sky is blue..."

What does that mean to you?

That my heart strings are "blocked with emotional glue"?


"The Blue is her feelings,

She's sad,


Do you honestly think that I'm that underrated?

That I can portray anything with strange words generated?

These assumptions are something that I've ALWAYS hated.


If the sky was blue, I'd be filled with glee!

A sunny atmosphere in England is a miracle for me!

Just for once not hiding in the cold under a tree,

And that's for rain, if there's lightning... at least now do you see?


If I say the sky's blue, it's blue alright?

I am NOT involved in some, 'terrible plight',

My plane is NOT about to crash mid-flight.

When I say the sky's blue, all it is, is not night.

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