My Angel in Heaven

It has been 5 years since they got married and the twins are now 5. When Niall goes on tour and has one of those bad nights and the whole world finds out, Ellie demands a divorce and then Niall quits the tour and goes back to England. But will he make it in time?

1. Baba


"Mama! Dada!" Angel chanted, clapping her chubby hands.

"Yes, that's right!" I smiled and tickled Angel.

"Very good, Angel!" Niall clapped his hands for her. Suddenly, Niall's phone rings.

"Yes?" Niall answers,

"You have to go to New York and Paris for a 6 month tour. Pack your bags and be there at 3." A voice on the other end of the phone says.

"WHAT?" Niall bursts out.

"No way! No 6 MONTHS!" Niall screams.

"Oh, my God! Management!" I sigh and grab the phone and switch it off.

"I have to go, I'm sorry!" Niall kissed me on the cheek and then hugged Angel and walked upstairs to hug Tom and pack.


2 hours later


"Bye! I'll miss you all!" Niall called as the mini bus drove off and we were left alone.

"Bye..." I whispered, holding Angel and Tom's hands.

"Now, what shall we do while daddy's away?" I bent down and let go of their hands.

"Nandees!" Tom shouted, incredibly adorably.

"Ok, then, Angel?" I asked her.

"Shoppy!" She shouted, clapping her hands together excitedly.

"Ok then, we'll go to Nandos and then Shopping." I said, picking them up and walking them to my car. I put them in the toddler seats at the back and drove off. As soon as we arrived at Nandos Tom shouted,

"NANDEES!" and clapped his hands, smiling.

"Yes, that's right, what do you want Tom?" I asked him.


"Angel what do you want?" I asked her,

"CHICKEN!" Angel clapped her hands and laughed,

"What do you want, mummy?" She asked me sweetly.

"Me? You know what I want!" I smiled, knowing what they were going to say,


"That's right!" I smiled, parking the car and getting them out of the car.

We walked into Nandos holding hands, I ordered some CHICKEN! and then sat us down at a table. After some long munching on chicken we went to go shopping. First we went into Matalan, Angel found lots of pink and purple clothes she wanted and Tom wanted blue and red clothes. I took them to the changing rooms and they tried them on. But on the way I found a long, red dress that looked nice, so I went and took that, too. After lots of taking off and putting on I finally tried my dress on. Perfect! It was so beautiful,

"Mummy! You're taking too long!" Angel tugged on my dress and looked up at me, I laughed seeing as this was only two seconds compare to their two hour changing session.

"Ok, ok!" I took the dress off and put my jeans and top back on.

"These, please." I dropped a mountain pile of clothes on the counter and paid for them.

"Thanks," I smiled and held the two children's hands while they held some small bags of two pairs of shoes. I held the other two on my shoulders.

"There we go, Tom, will you be a big boy and guard these clothes of yours?" I asked, dropping bags of clothes next to him while he smiled with honour.

"Here, now Angel, will you be the princess and take these new clothes?" I smiled at her, dropping some more of her bags next to her while she giggled a little and nodded.

"Now, let's go back home and watch some Poppy Pig?" I said as I drove off and the twins clapped in agreement.


2 hours later


"Yes?" I answered my phone while the little ones were snacking away on tomato pasta.

"Hey, babe!" I heard Niall say through the phone.

"Niall! How are you?" I asked excitedly,

"I'm fine, how are you?" He asked surely smiling,

"Fine!" I smiled, a tear dropping from my face,

"Oh, I need to go on stage, sorry, love, I need to go, can't wait to see you again, mwah, bye, love you, kiss kiss, oh wait, will you put the twins on quickly?" He hurriedly said,

"Sure," I said, handing the phone to the twins faces,

"DADDY!" They screamed, dropping their plastic forks.

"Hey Angel, hey Tom! I love you, but I've gotta go," Niall made kissing noises over the phone,

"Bye, daddy!" They said, as I said one final bye and then hung up.


"Bye, Baba..."

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