Dating Darcy

Lonely girl, Darcy dreams of becoming a dancer, but when she gets this opportunity she grabs it. But this dream didn't have a happy ending,, when she moves to the new town, for her dance school, its go's wrong, and when bad boy James appears, things cant get any worse, can they?

Well that's what she thought.


2. Chatpter 2.

As the train stopped, me and James said our goodbye's, then he left, I didn't think he would talk to me much longer, he didn't seem like the kind of guy you can talk to for hours non stop, he seemed like the kind of bad boy, how has sex with you, and then leaves you, not my type. Dad would disapprove of him, wait, what am I thinking, he's not my boyfriend, and will never be!

I looked around and asked an elderly women where the nearest bus station was, she told me and I followed her instructions, as I looked I could see James, but hitting a guy, half his size "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, JAMES!" Him and the guys who were with him looked at me, his friends chuckled "looks like James, has got himself a women" I looked at them "what.." I said..

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