Talks about death, and what death has done to my life by taking the two most amazing guys from my life and from each others life, and this poem talks about what I felt and what I did when it happened.

1. Reverse

Misery and loneliness filled my heart once you were gone.

February 21st. A good day to die you said

I hope some day I could reverse it all and take us back to the times before the accident.

Before I had grow up and loose those sunny days and afternoons I spent with you and Charlie.

Running through the fields and making snow angels in the mud.

You were like a cloud, you blew away and drifted off to a new place. You never promised us you'd be back because you cant come back. I realise that now.

You're gone forever.

We the three Musketeers became two and now we're just two people with hats and swords.

It isn't the same now you're gone. Yes we manage fine.

We're the Nails to the Varnish as you would say.

We we're the three musketeers Kevin.

But that's all over now

I watched you turn into dust, standing side by side me and Charlie sit on the high hill at dawn.

Everyday we wait to see if you come but everyday we're disappointed.

Our hope fades and then nothing is left.

Then came the day when two became one and I was left alone.

February 8th A good day to die Charlie said.

Charlie left me to join you.

I've only been back to the hill twice since he died in February because I know its no use.

You're never coming back. Why would you. It's only me.

I love you both. You made my life happy and one day I know we'll all be together again, the three musketeers re-united.


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