Grace Smith is a simple British girl.

No, she's not bullied, no, she's not depressed.

She's a happy girl. She loves everything and that's why everyone loves her.

Then out of nowhere she meets a boy, Aiden Harris and like all the girls, she falls for the AMERICAN boy.


2. Chapter 1.

Grace Smith was probably the happiest person in entire world. She doesn't care about bad things and if something bad does happen, she gets better quickly. She has no worries. Some people would call her mental, because not all the people happen to be happy like her. 


Her life wasn't perfect though. Her parents divorced when she was 13 years old, her boyfriend Ryan broke up with her. She was really upset about all of these things, but she though that life is only one and she shouldn't waste her time crying over something. All she has to do is forget bad things and smile.


Grace is, like said earlier, really happy, nice, lovely girl. You can talk to her about anything actually, no matter if she's your friend or not. She will help you if you need help, no matter what time of the day, or night, it is. She loves children and that inspired her to become a teacher in the future. Grace loves everyobody, and everybody loves her back. She wasn't bullied at school, but there were few people who talked behind her back, but she didn't take that to heart. 


The girl smiled to herself and opened her notebook, but don't mistake it for diary, because diary is a secret notebook, and this is just a simple notebook, everyone can read this. She took her favourite pen and started writing words in the notebook.


Dear notebook,


Today was a lovely day. I went shopping with Tess and we had a great time. I bought  myself a pair of heels that i always wanted to have. The weather in London is great, what actually happens rarely. Cassie is out with her boyfriend Mike, having a good time, i hope. Well me, being forever alone (haha), is doing nothing this evening apart from watching The Iron Man 3. People said it's great. Okay then notebook, that was my day. Bye :)


2013 06 27


Grace :) ♥


She finished and closed her notebook, putting it in one of the drawers. Grace sighed and stood up from the chair, looking around her bedroom, to find something to do. She wants to watch The Iron Man later, when it will be dark outside, so she could curl up in a ball, have a box of popcorn and watch a film, so she could feel like she's in a cinema. 


She saw he phone's screen lighting up and showing that she has a new notification. Grace took her phone off of the bed and unlocked it, seeing that she has a new message from Tess. 


New message (7.12PM)

From: Tess

Dude, my cousin from America is coming over this weekend, wanna come at my house Friday?


Grace loves meeting new people. Probably that's why she has so many friends.


To: Tess

Okay i'll be there on Friday maybe at 4pm ok?


And Tess texted Grace back just in a few seconds.


New message (7.14PM)

From: Tess

I'll be waitinnnn :D lol. 


Little did Grace know that coming to Tess' house at Friday, when her cousin from America is coming over, was one of the best decisions she ever made. 



* * * * * * * * * * 


Hey guys :) This is my first story on Movellas and i'm really excited for this. I'm not actually good at writing though, but i still hope that you'll like what i write :) I love you lovelies xx



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