You, me and them

Avery Jennings is still the shy, little virgin she was in high school, only now she is twenty three and Jhonson brothers have been waiting. Cain, Jayden and Caleb were seniors when Avery started at their high school, she had been beautiful but because she wasn't legal yet, they decided they would wait for her, and wait they did. When Avery moves to their small town in Colorado they can hardly believe who they are seeing. Avery needed a fresh start since her mother died and the Jhonson boys are offering that and more, but Avery is in danger and they could be the only ones to protect her. Can they say the girl they love, or will they lose her again.
BTW Avery is based on my best friend Molly and in the next book the girl Teri is based on my other best friend well, Teri.


4. waking up

Avery looked so weak lying on the hospital bed, she seemed to be nothing more than shell of what she had been. It killed Jayden to see her this way, when he thought of Avery Jennings the words broken and beaten down should not, did not come to mind. She was strong and independent, the lord knew she refused help from anyone if she had any other option. It was why the boys all loved her so much. The door opened with a slight squeak and although Avery stirred, she did not wake.

"Hey, any change?" Caleb asked as he silently walked into the room. Jayden sighed and shook his head in disappointment.  

"No, nothing. God I want to punch a god-damn wall! Why won't she wake up?" Jayden growled as he looked down at the girl he and his brothers had loved for so long. Suddenly her eye lids fluttered, then  fully opened. A wave of relief rushed through Jayden as he stared down into her hazel orbs, he almost couldn't stop himself from kissing her right then and there. Recognition flickered in her eyes as she looked at Jayden and then back at Caleb.

"Jay... Cail?"  Avery spoke the nicknames she had given them uncertainly. It sent shivers down their spines to hear her voice after so many years. She had given them the nicknames because she thought they were cute, the boys had argued against it but she had been stubborn. Only Avery had such privileges.   

"Hey, baby girl. Yeah it's us." Caleb said softly as he slowly came forward and knelled down next to the bed, taking her hand. He rubbed her palm with his own and kissed it, Jayden saw her shiver and smirked slightly, after all those years, Avery still wanted them just as they wanted her. 

"Where... Where is Cain?" She asked shakily as she looked around, noting that he wasn't in the room. Aver had always been able to tell the boys apart because they all had tattoos that distinguished them. Jayden had a J on his bicep, Caleb had a C and Cain had his full name, they all had Avery's name written on the same arm just below their tattoos that identified them. Caleb could see she was getting scared and confused so he laid her back down and kissed her forehead.

"Hush, baby girl. Go sleep, he will be here when you wake up." With that Avery fell back asleep.


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