You, me and them

Avery Jennings is still the shy, little virgin she was in high school, only now she is twenty three and Jhonson brothers have been waiting. Cain, Jayden and Caleb were seniors when Avery started at their high school, she had been beautiful but because she wasn't legal yet, they decided they would wait for her, and wait they did. When Avery moves to their small town in Colorado they can hardly believe who they are seeing. Avery needed a fresh start since her mother died and the Jhonson boys are offering that and more, but Avery is in danger and they could be the only ones to protect her. Can they say the girl they love, or will they lose her again.
BTW Avery is based on my best friend Molly and in the next book the girl Teri is based on my other best friend well, Teri.


1. start of my Journey

You know how your parents tell you not to talk to strangers? You should listen to them because if you don't. You might end up like me.


It was midnight and I was walking home alone, it was stupid considering I knew how dangerous New York was at night but I had just finished my shift at the bar and my room-mate couldn't come to pick me up. I didn't know about the danger I was about to walk into when I turned that corner, but that didn't matter. I could never unsee what I had seen. Two men were hidden in the shadows, another knelt on the ground. His face was bloodied and he looked so worn, so beaten down. Defeated. I don't know what made me walk forward so that they could see me, but whatever it was, I had no idea that it would be the reason my life changed so dramatically. The two men in the shadows slit the third guys throat, I screamed out in shock and fear. Then I ran, to no avail of course but I still did it. When they caught up with me I didn't even try to scream, I didn't fight. I accepted that this was the end and I welcomed it. But never came, just a swift kick to the gut.

"Listen here you little bitch, you tell anyone what you saw. I'll rip you apart and use your intestines as a chew toy for my dog." One of the men growled and then slammed my head down onto the concrete floor, then the world went black. When I woke up I had dried blood on my head and in my hair, I found the nearest public bathroom and cleaned it off. Looking on the mirror I could see the fear in my eyes and I knew, I knew I had to run. So that's what I did, that's the start of my journey. That's how I found The Jhonson boys. 

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