You, me and them

Avery Jennings is still the shy, little virgin she was in high school, only now she is twenty three and Jhonson brothers have been waiting. Cain, Jayden and Caleb were seniors when Avery started at their high school, she had been beautiful but because she wasn't legal yet, they decided they would wait for her, and wait they did. When Avery moves to their small town in Colorado they can hardly believe who they are seeing. Avery needed a fresh start since her mother died and the Jhonson boys are offering that and more, but Avery is in danger and they could be the only ones to protect her. Can they say the girl they love, or will they lose her again.
BTW Avery is based on my best friend Molly and in the next book the girl Teri is based on my other best friend well, Teri.


6. best friends

On the ride to the ranch, Avery refused to say a word to her three captors. It was unacceptable that they thought they could just pick her up with no permission from her, it was even worse that they were going to hold her captive at their ranch. Avery loved ranches though, she spent a lot of her summers working with her mother on their family ranch. She had been riding since she could stand up on her own and she loved nothing more than just going for a ride in the evening glow to watch the sunset.

"You know, you could stop treating this like it's the worst thing in the world. I know how much you like horses and all that ranch hand stuff, you'll be fine." Jayden laughed from the driver's seat, that smug son of a bitch. Avery didn't reply, she just stared out the window and planned their deaths. Their gruesome, painful, slow deaths. 


When they arrived the front swung open and a young looking blonde with frizzy hair skipped out, she was beautiful to say the least. When she came to a stop in front of Avery she enveloped her in a hug.

"So you are the girl my best friends have been dreaming about for the past ten years, welcome!" Avery was thrown by the woman's words. Could it be that the triplets had dreamed of her like she had dreamed of them? 

"Okay, Okay Teri, don't crush the girl." Caleb laughed and swung his arm around the blonde's shoulders, Avery felt a strange sense of jealousy run through her at the sight. What right did she have to be possessive of the guys, they weren't hers. Yet they were, they always had been.

"Fine. Let's get you settled Avery, I swear we are going to be best friends. Finally these assholes might let up on me being lonely." Teri said as she rolled her eyes and pulled Avery towards the door. Avery found that she liked the woman, and with any luck Teri would be right, they would be best friends. 

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