Love Under The Mask


1. The Start Of All

'Your life is perfect', 'I'd give anything to live your life just one day'... blah blah blah. That's the shit I hear everyday.  

Yes! My life is perfect! If in your language 'perfect' means 'messed up'. 

Maybe I can get everything I ask for, maybe I have a huge house and all the money in this world, but that's not what life is about. 

Life is about family and friends, the people you love. And right now I have neither of them. 

My parents are always at work or they are too busy to talk to me, and friends... I never knew the definition of friends. I never met that kind of persons. Why? Because of the money I have. I will never know if the friends I have are true friends or they are my money's friends.  

But it seems that God thinks my life is too perfect and now everyday of my life has to pass with me seeing my enemy. 

It all started in an ordinary day. I never knew that from that moment, my life will change forever.


"Zoey! Come downstairs for a second honey!" I heard my mom shouting. 

"Ok mum! I'm comming!" I replied with a sigh, taking my headphones off and heading to the kitchen, where I assume she was. 

I entered the room and my mom turned back to face me: 

"Sweetheart, you know, Clara told me the models will have some photoshoots and a show next week?" she asked taking a seat at the table and motioning for me to do the same. 

Well, my mom works at Victoria Secrets. Yes! The Victoria secrets! So she has a lot to work. Despite my mother's work, I'm not really the look-at-my-expensive-clothes type. I like being myself not hiding under ten pounds of make up like other thousands fake girls. 

"Yes! Of course I do! That's all you have talked about in the last week."I replied taking a sip of the hot tea. 

"Well, Clara told me yesterday that... the show is in New York. So everyone has to move there for 3 months. That includes me!" she said leaving me shocked. Is she leaving me for 3 months? 

"So you... are going to be in New York for 3 months?" I asked in desbelief. 

"Well... If you agree, then ... We we'll be in New York for 3 months." she said smiling waiting for my answer. 

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.  

"I mean... you can come with me. Of course that, if you want!" she replied.  

"Mom! I can't!" I said with a sigh, drawing circles with my nail on the black table. 

"Why?" she asked, looking in my eyes. 

"Because... Mom! It's my last year at school and I want to finish it. And I don't like New York! It's full of fake, spoiled kids and I don't want to be around them!" I replied frowning my eyebrows. 

"Well, you can finish your school there! And this is not true! New York is not how you think it is! It's a beautiful city" she explained me. 

"It may be! But I just don't want to go there! I'm sorry! Just, please, understand me!" I said with a pleading look. 

"Ok honey! However you want!" she replied with a sigh. 

"So I'll stay 3 months alone?" I asked glancing at her. 

"No! Of course not! I can't let my daughter 3 months alone in London. I'll somehow find a way not to live you alone here, ok?" she said as she entered the living room. Before she could do anything, I grabbed her wrist. 

"Mom, I'm sorry. I really hope you do understand me." I whispered looking in her green eyes. 

"I understand, Zoey! Don't worry." she said with a reassuring smile.

***next day***

"Zoey! You know I told you I'll find someone to stay with you. Well I found someone. A babysitter." she said smiling. 

"What?! A babysitter! Mom, I don't need a babysitter. I'm almost 18." I cried thinking about a babysitter looking after a teenager like me. 

"Zoey! You can't stay alone. I already hired the babysitter so... end of conversation." she replied, making me frown. 

Babysitter... I would've never tought this word would change my life so much.


I hugged my mom as we were standing outside, next to the car that would take her to New York. 

"Remember that the first aid box is in the living room, and tell the babysitter that my phone number is on the fridge. He'll be here in an hour. Oh! And if something bad happens to you, or you fall on the stairs or..." 

"Yeah mom! I know! Call 911! I'll be ok! I'm not a kid anymore!" I interrupted her, rolling my eyes. 

"I know that! And I love you, honey! I'll miss you!" she said giving me a bone crashing hug. 

"Let... go! Can't...breath! Huh!" I breathed out making her let me go. 

"I'll miss you to mom!" I continued. 

A tear rolled down her face, but I whiped it away with my thumb, showing a slight smile as my eyes were wattery too. 

"Three months! And you'll be home!" I whispered and she nodded in reply. 

"Bye, sweety!" she waved as she entered the car. 

"Bye mom! Cya!" I waved back. 

I followed the car with my eyes until it was out of my vision, and then entered the house. 

This day will mark my life forever.

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