Snow in September

*Sequel to Summer Love
Emily & Sarah return to New York after a long Irish summer. In their 2 month adventure, the girls got close to the lads of One Direction, Emily especially close to Niall. The girls tested their friendship as Sarah got upset & jealous of Emily. Now back for their junior year, the girls face even more hardships as they begin to drift & cling on to the last strand. The girls go to one last 1D concert in hopes of saving their friendship. Bit when Emily is asked to tour with her favorite band, will that be the end of their friendship?


4. Surprises

All throughout the concert I kept seeing a shadowy figure standing at the back of the arena. I kept thinking I was hallucinating, it couldn't be him. They weren't supposed to be in New York until tomorrow morning. I pushed all thoughts away and focused on performing.

At the end of the night while everyone was leaving, someone came up behind me.

"Surprise." I jumped as I turned around. I wasn't imaging it. He really was there and he was standing right in front of me. I started to cry as I jumped in to his arms. he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck.

"I missed you so much, Ni." I whispered in to his chest.

"I missed you, too, Em." He hugged me tighter. I pulled away and wiped my tears. I looked up to him and smiled. It felt like it has been years since I last saw his face in person, even though it was only a month. "You did amazing out there. You're really talented."

"So I've been told," I laughed. "Hey, I want you to meet some people!" I led him backstage where my class was. "This is Taylor, my roommate, she's the one who is with me when I skype with you guys. These are Katy, Danny, Logan, Brigette, Sophia, Kyle, and you know Sarah." Everyone awkwardly waved at him, the girls standing there in awe.

"How do you know Niall?" Katy asked me.

"Um, well... We're, uh, we're kind of dating..." Sarah's expression was blank and everyone else was surprised. A chorus of "No ways" and "Oh my Gods" rang out from all the girls. Logan, Danny and Kyle backed away. All the girls began asking me questions and I kept looking over at Sarah. She stood in the back corner looking at her phone screen. My stomach dropped at the fact that this was supposed to be my time with Sarah, and here I was being mobbed by the girls in my music class about my boyfriend. "I'm sorry." I mouthed to her when she looked up. She just rolled her eyes and looked back down.

Niall must have sensed I felt upset and he rubbed my back. "Ok well we should get going, we have a long day tomorrow." I grabbed Niall by the arm and led him through the back exit, grabbing Sarah along the way. "I'll see you guys on Monday!" I yelled back. "I'm sorry."

"You don't have anything to be sorry for, babe."

"Yes, I do. It's Ireland all over again. Leaving Sarah in the dust. Sar, I'm really sorry."

"It's whatever. I don't mind anymore." Oh boy, here we go again.

I sighed as we got into my dorm. "Okay, Niall. So are you going to be coming to get us or where are we meeting up?"

"I'll be here at 10, then we'll be meeting the lads for lunch in the city."

"Okay, sounds good." I leaned against the door frame and smiled. He leaned in and gave me a small kiss.

"I'll see you, Em.. Bye Sarah." He called in to the room. Sarah looked up and waved.

"Bye." I watched him leave then shut the door. I got ready for bed without a word to Sarah. We went to bed in silence and I stared at the wall.

This was not how I expected my first encounter with Sarah after a month would be like. I sighed and shut my eyes as I tried to fall asleep.

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