Snow in September

*Sequel to Summer Love
Emily & Sarah return to New York after a long Irish summer. In their 2 month adventure, the girls got close to the lads of One Direction, Emily especially close to Niall. The girls tested their friendship as Sarah got upset & jealous of Emily. Now back for their junior year, the girls face even more hardships as they begin to drift & cling on to the last strand. The girls go to one last 1D concert in hopes of saving their friendship. Bit when Emily is asked to tour with her favorite band, will that be the end of their friendship?


2. Roomies

"Excuse me but what do you think you're doing here? This is my room." A girl walked in to the room, speaking in a British accent. Hearing the accent made me feel a pang in my heart and made me miss the boys so much.

"yeah well this is my room now too." I went back to putting up pictures.

"Is that One Direction?" 

"Yeah. My, uhh, best friend and I went to Ireland for the summer. We got really close with the band." I held in the urge to cry.

"You really miss him, don't you?"

"So much." I sat down on my new bed and a few tears escaped my eyes. 

"Do you want to talk about it?" The girl sat down next to me.

"maybe later. I'm gonna go wash up and get ready for bed." I got up and headed out.

"Wait," I turned around to face her. "I'm Taylor, Taylor Winchester. My family owns this school." So that's why she had a British accent, she was from London.

"I'm Emily, Emily Harris. My family owns a diner in the city." We laughed at the joke.

"Nice. Well I guess I'll see ya then." I nodded my head and went to wash up. I heard a One Direction song playing from a few rooms down. When Niall's solo came up, I tried not to cry. I put my hand over my neck and ran my fingers across the guitar pick necklace, the memory of Niall giving it to me playing in my head.

"Here, I want you to have this. It's my guitar pick. You be good, ok?" I had nodded my head and gave him a hug. Two nights ago when I got home, I turned it into a necklace.

After I washed my face, I walked back to my dorm, stopping in the doorway.

"I'm telling you, it's her! She has photos of her with One Direction hanging on the wall... No she won't talk... I don't know, she's still upset I guess. Look she'll be here any minute,I'll talk to her and call you with information.. Ok... Ok yeah... See ya." I waited a few seconds before walking in. What was she talking about? To who? Why? I shook it off then walked in.

"Hey roomie."

"Hey." I replied distractedly.

"How ya feeling?" Taylor sat down on her bed and patted it next to her, signalling me to sit. I sat down and tugged at my necklace again.

"it's just weird, being back home. But just to be shipped away. You know my parents applied for me and didn't even bother to tell me until two days ago when I got home."

"I feel ya. I used to go to Winchester Academy in London. Then my parents sent me to Dallas when I was ten. Then here like two years ago."

"Oh wow." It was silent for a moment until I spoke up again. "Look, if we're going to be roommates, we should be honest." Taylor nodded her head in agreement. I took a deep breath and launched in to a detailed explanation of my life; my parents, my brother, Sarah, my old school, Jason, Lucas, Ireland, One Direction, and Niall. Taylor just sat patiently listening and nodding along. Nearly two hours later, I finished. I took a deep breath, "So there it is. Emily's life in a nutshell." Taylor just sat speechless.

"Oh my God. Wow, ok. So are you gonna meet up with Niall?"

"I really want to. I just hope that if I do and Sarah does come, everything will be better."

"Well I think it's good you two are in different schools, especially far away. I have a friend like that, her name is Kayleigh. We used to fight like crazy, but after I moved to Dallas then her, we're closer than ever."

"Huh. I hope so. Well it's getting late and I have auditions tomorrow."


"ESPA. My parents sent in the concert video and they want an in person performance to see what classes ill take."

"Oh God. ESPA, named after my sister Elisabeth. But congrats. To get in to the best advanced  music classes, I'd play an instrument or two, and sing a ballad. Make sure at least one of your song choices out of the three is a Beatles song." She then gave me a wink.

"Thanks, but how do you know?"

"because I teach that class and that's what I look for in auditions." I just shrugged in response.

"Alrihht well, goodnight I guess." I crawled in to bed and turned off the light, dreading the month until I could see Nia again.  

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