Snow in September

*Sequel to Summer Love
Emily & Sarah return to New York after a long Irish summer. In their 2 month adventure, the girls got close to the lads of One Direction, Emily especially close to Niall. The girls tested their friendship as Sarah got upset & jealous of Emily. Now back for their junior year, the girls face even more hardships as they begin to drift & cling on to the last strand. The girls go to one last 1D concert in hopes of saving their friendship. Bit when Emily is asked to tour with her favorite band, will that be the end of their friendship?


3. Reunited

My first month at Winchester wasn't what I had expected. There's a different themed party every weekend. Every moment I spent here I fell more and more in love with my new school and new surroundings. Taylor and I became inseparable; trading stories and going on adventures. It was weird that my roommate and best friend was also my teacher. She sometimes let me teach with her, which was even weirder.

I would FaceTime with the boys on a regular basis, too. Every night Niall and I would talk and we would always DM on twitter. I didn't mind all the girls tweeting him because I knew that he had my heart and I had his. He was all mine and I was all his. Nothing was going to change that.

I haven't seen Niall in person in nearly a month, and I was scared to see him. I don't know why but I just feel like it won't be the same this time than it was over the summer. I just hope all the feelings we had in Ireland were still there.

Sarah would be spending the night in my dorm tonight and tomorrow we would spend the day with the boys. After the concert, I would spend the night in the city with Sarah. I'm not going to lie, I was immensely nervous to see her. We have spoken a few times in the past month, but never for more than an hour or so.

I was packing for the weekend when there was a knock at my door.

"It's open!" I yell. Sarah peered in and awkwardly stood by the door. "Hey.." I got up to greet her. She pulled me in for a hug and shed a few tears. I pulled away and offered a smile. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I just.. I missed you, Em. I'm honestly so sorry about what happened in Ireland. I wish we could go back to the way things were. Back in middle school."

"We grew up, Sar. I admit, I miss those days too. But it's different now. It can't be the same ever again. You hurt me."

"I know. You really didn't deserve that. I'm really sorry. Thanks for inviting me, by the way."

"Why wouldn't I? I said things couldn't ever be the same. That doesn't mean you're no longer my best friend. Now let's stop with all this emotional stuff and let me show you around." We wiped the tears off of our faces and hugged again. "Come on!" I grabbed her arm and led her through the dorms. I introduced her to my friends and showed her where all my classes are. When we got to the auditorium, she stopped in her tracks.

"Oh. My. GOD!" 

"Pretty nice, right?"

"Pretty nice? Pretty nice?! Dude this is freaking amazing! It's like the size of Bellview's first floor! Maybe even bigger!" Sarah stood in awe as she stared at the stage.

"Yup. It's modeled exactly like MSG, but on a smaller scale, obviously."

"And you perform here?" I nodded my head in response.

"My dance and acting classes are here, too. And my music class has a concert here once a month. Tonight's actually the first of the year."

"Seriously?!" I nodded my head again.

"Wanna mess around? I have to take a tech class this semester, so I can work lighting and sound." Sarah squealed, jumping up and down. She ran up to the stage and I went up to the tech booth. I turned the spotlight on her right as she got to the mic and then I turned up the sound. I hit play on a track I knew she would love and played around with the lighting and sound as she had the time of her life. It looked like she was having more fun pretend performing than really performing in London a few months ago.

"Can I go to school here?" Sarah plopped down on my bed as I got dressed for tonight's concert. I opted for my NY Giants jersey and a pair of dark skinny jeans. 

"Seriously? Why..?" I didn't mean for it to sound rude, it just surprised me because she always made fun of private schools or boarding schools, especially Winchester.

"You guys have it made here. An MSG replica stage, parties every weekend, concerts, actual edible food that is good, small classes, late starts, and cute boys."

"I guess," I shrugged. "I mean I like it better than Bellview, to be honest."

"I do too. And you guys are like, automatically enrolled at each location?"

"Yeah. It's the same curriculum, so say I have to go to Dallas for a while with my parents or something, I just go to school there and I don't miss anything. It's the same if I would go to Philly, LA, Miami, even the ones in the UK."

"You are so lucky." I just shrugged in return. We walked to the auditorium for the concert.

The blacklight, bubbles, fog machine, and rainbow strobe lights were all turned on, making it look a lot different than it did 2 hours ago. I led Sarah backstage where Taylor and the rest of the class were.

"Hi! You must be Sarah!" Taylor extended her arm and Sarah awkwardly shook it.  "I'm Taylor, Emily's roommate and music teacher."

"The one whose family owns this school, right?"

"Yes. Anyway, if you're going to be backstage, you have to wear this. " She handed Sarah a backstage pass which she clipped to her jacket pocket. Taylor then went out and announced the beginning of the concert.

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