The Perks of Being a Teenager

Are you a teenager, finding it hard to cope with life's struggles? Well, I am too, and I've decided to share some of my mishaps with you and the Movellian Community. Happy reading!
I put yellow coz Im talking bout stuff like discharge and stuff so I dont want any youngsters coming on and then going and asking what it is. Trust me, I've been in that position!


1. Sand Pits and Long Jump

PE, one of my least favourite subjects. But, as always, I was facing it with a brave smile and not actually hating the idea of long jump. In fact, I wasn't crap at it. Okay, I couldn't jump 8 metres, but at least I could jump about 30cm. Personal record, baby!


Well, anyway.... It was my turn again and I started running, thinking I was meant to run. But the person in the other lane didn't run, so I stopped. Duh. Then I start again from where I was. This time on the wrong foot.

I run up.

I take the jump.

I land.

My knees give way beneath me.

And I fall like I've just been shot.

Yup, true story.

So, obviously, I do the only normal thing and roll over so I'm not in the way of the other runner (who still hasn't run!) and lay there laughing - earning a scared stare from my teacher.


And that's one of the many perks of being a teenager!

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