The Perks of Being a Teenager

Are you a teenager, finding it hard to cope with life's struggles? Well, I am too, and I've decided to share some of my mishaps with you and the Movellian Community. Happy reading!
I put yellow coz Im talking bout stuff like discharge and stuff so I dont want any youngsters coming on and then going and asking what it is. Trust me, I've been in that position!


6. How I deal with boys who ask for my phone number

I do not do well in environment's containing the other gender. Fact. Especially when stupid elf boys try and ask for your number, hoping you're niave enough to give to them. I wasn't niave enough to give him my number. But...well... I did sort of call him a physcopath.... and tell him the highest grade I had gotten. 

Yeah, so.. We were sitting on the bench as usual, when elf boy comes over and asks for my number. No. I say firmly. But then he begs. Damn, I didn't know elves were this annoying! 

So eventually, I've gotten fed up of saying no. So, I do the bloody unthinkable.

"Yeah? Well how do I know you're not a physcopath? You could have a knife in your bag!" 

Eh, probably not the best response.

And then, he leaves. Yay! But comes back, Nay! He comes out with some stupid comment about how we're probably nerds who get really high grades.

Cue short silence.

Cue me stupidly breaking the silence by saying "well, I got a 7b in geography."

Yeah, don't ask, I think it's a condition.

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