The Perks of Being a Teenager

Are you a teenager, finding it hard to cope with life's struggles? Well, I am too, and I've decided to share some of my mishaps with you and the Movellian Community. Happy reading!
I put yellow coz Im talking bout stuff like discharge and stuff so I dont want any youngsters coming on and then going and asking what it is. Trust me, I've been in that position!


2. Discharge Dilemma (trust me, it's not what you think!)

So, today, we were doing this day where you were given a job and had to work out if you could afford your dream lifestyle. Which I could :P. Anyway, you didn't really need to know that because that has nothing to do with the story....


It was the last hour of the day, when I heard some of the people on the table behind me talking. So I turned around. You see, this boy (and he will reappear in this book later on) (Let's call him... uh, I dunno, J) didn't know what discharge was! So we were sitting there going "are you for real?", "you don't know what discharge is?!"

Then, he demanded to know what it was. So, me being me, I told him! Seriously! In class, (and just my luck, my head of year walked in at the end) I told him what discharge was. Here's basically what I said:

"Well, you girls go through menstruation? It's sort of like the part before you have full on blood." But apparently, I felt I hadn't given him a good enough explanation and carried on....

"It's like a white goo." Yes, I really said that.

But I have to admit, what made my day was when this other boy who happened to be sitting at the table says to me: "you've got balls, to do that." I didn't particulary like to clarify that no matter how brave (or stupid) I was, I was never going to have balls!

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