My Best Friend. Justin Bieber

This story is based on Justin Bieber having a normal life and he is 19 and he has a friend named Rebeccca ! She is also 19. Justin and Rebecca hang out alot will justins hormones kick in and start liking faith more than a best friend? and does she?


3. Chpt.3:movies and swimming!!!!

Justin's POV:

When i screamed yes i picked her up and spun her arund! chaz on the other hand looked surprised!

"hey biebs? scince y'all going out dont u wanna post it on twitter?" chaz asked all hyped

"it'sup to mah baby"

"Yes chaz elp us take a pic and we will post it on twitter!" she said

So chaz helped us take a pic of us kissing. Then when chaz was done with the pic we just stood there kissing then i asked for permission and she gladly excepted before ryan showed up!

"Ohhhh biebs got a girlfriend!" ry screamed

Rebecca's POV:

WE were making out then i hear ryan yelling

"Ohhhh biebs got a girlfriend!"

we broke the kiss and i saw ryan and dug my head in justins head, and blushed even more!

"Sup dude?" justin breakng the awkward silence

"well me and chaz were gonna go to the movies or we were gonna go wim at your place!" ry said

Justin said with  a questioning look "my house?"

"yup ur house bieber!" chaz jumped

so i jumped in "how bout we go see idenity theif then go back to juju's to go swimming! and then we could all hang up and pull an all nighter!"

So all the boys yelled "yeah!!"


So we just got done with idenity theif and it was funny! justin wouldnt stop staring at my and my lips!

"of to juju's!" i said with excitment "but babe we need to stop at mine so i can get a bathing suit!"

"sure babe! ry and chaz have rans car so they can take his and meet themat mine!"
Juju said al jumpy!

So me and juju jumped n his car then we got to my house

I unlocked the front door and it was only 7:30 so my family should be getting to bed or cleaning up diner, justin jumped up behind me and scared me and put his arms around my waist!

"GOSH JUSTIN U SCARED ME!, dont do that and help me pick a bathing suit!" i whipsper yell (oh failed to say we were in my room)

So he picked out a purple bikini with black stars on it so i put that on and grabbed some pjs for the all nighter we are gonna (try) pull!

"babe come on" juju whispered

"OK ok im coming jees!" i said and he reached for my hand and i followed him out of the house into the car cuz my parents knew i was with justin


We were in the pool playing marco polo and ryan was it so me,juju, and chaz quietly got out and went inside. me and jusin went to his room to put on pjs and my shirt was to small so i took one of justins he didnt care if i did!

like 20 mins later ryan came inside all worried

"you guys are unfair!" he pouted good thing he was dressed and stuff. so i got up and gave hm a hug cuz he was like my bg bro and its funny when he pouts!

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