How Long Is Forever?

"You belong with me, damn it!" he growled, "And I'm not going to have it any other way!"
"It's not like I didn't warn you," I mumbled, his proximity making my body heat up with desire. "Look girl, I'm going to have you," he snarled making my heart race, "Try and stop me if you can. You're going to be with me forever."
I looked at him, his body tensed up and burned with want. "How long is forever?" I asked.
"Enough for you to want me as bad as I want you."


1. Prologue

When I thought that everything was over, when I thought that 'yes, this is it', you came into my life twisting and turning things around at your own will. When I thought I didn't need anyone, when I thought I was used to being alone, you were there to make me feel that I wasn't and that I needed you. When I thought I had given up on love, when I thought I had given up on life, you made me feel love, you showed me life and everything else that I was missing out on. When I finally realized that I loved you, when I finally realized that I wanted to live, when I finally realized that I wanted to be with someone, you promised me forever. When I believed in this forever, you made me question myself. A question that I didn't think I would ever ask.

"How Long Is Forever?"

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