They Don't Know About Us

Emily is going to London for her 4 years of high school. But when her school doesn't get her a host family and ends up with One Direction what will happen? And she starts getting stalked by someone that threatens to get her what will happen? Read to find out


9. More form A

Niall's P.O.V

I could tell that Emily was terrified. Terrified to tell the cops, terrified that they will get the boys, terrified for us. She won't tell anyone only me and Harry know. She needs to tell them. She needs to tell someone anyone that can tell her.

Emily's P.O.V

We were all sitting downstairs watching a movie and the boys had fallen asleep when my phone buzzed

So Harry and Niall have found out. Be careful watch your back keep your doors locked and don't do anything stupid because things will be even worse. But don't worry I won't kill you guys no matter what. -A

I just sat there and cried. "Emily what's wrong?" It was Liam "Nothing." "Emily you're lying give me your phone." "Fine" I said handing him my phone."Emily" He said "What?" I said he just hugged me "Don't worry we leave on tour soon" I just cried into his shoulder

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