They Don't Know About Us

Emily is going to London for her 4 years of high school. But when her school doesn't get her a host family and ends up with One Direction what will happen? And she starts getting stalked by someone that threatens to get her what will happen? Read to find out


5. Asking Her Out

Niall's P.O.V

Here it goes. "Emily" I said walking into my room "Yeah?" She said looking at me and smiling. God she's so beautiful. "I was wondering if youwantedtogooutwithme." "Niall you said the last part really fast. Would you repeat it?" She said "Will you go out with me?" "Of course." She said smiling. A huge grin spread across my face. "we leave at seven." I called as she walked out of my room.

Emily's P.O.V

I have a date with Niall Horan!!!!! YAY!!!! I went to the guest room that they had made into my room. And started jumping on the bed. "I didn't know you were that excited." Niall said chuckling. I sat there without words and blushing. "Um yeah?" I offered "we have an hour dress casual." He said walking out. I took a shower and curled my hair. I pulled on dark blue washed jeans and a tank top that said Niall's Crazy Mofo and pulled on a leather jacket and combat boots. I put on a little bit of make-up and walked down stairs. "Hey Niall. Ready to go?" I asked "Yep" He said "Where are you going?" Asked Harry "Just out to eat and get to know each other better." He said "Okay" Harry said rolling his eyes. We walked out and got in his car.

Niall's P.O.V

"Why didn't you tell him we we're going on a date?" She asked me "Because I don't want to tell them yet" I said "Ok" She said "Nice shirt Emily" I said "Why thank you." She said smiling. "You're welcome. It's true." I said smiling. "I know" She said blushing "We're here" I said. We hopped out of the car.

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