Heir to the Shadows

Nick is undescribable. His life is a whirlwind of bad luck, secrets and distrust. Cursed at an early age, Nick's life was never going to be easy. Some will stop at nothing to prevent him from revealing their secrets.


3. Attack

Letha breathed the cool morning air in and allowed it to filtrate around her chest.  The streets were still empty and the only sounds in the air were those of a sleeping town.  It thankfully, had been days since she had escaped the stranger who had helped her on Punishment Day. 


She hadn't seen him since that day but she could still remember the feel of his firm, tightly muslced arm looped in hers, the deeply masculine sound of his musical voice and his intoxicating smell of a smokey fire mixed with mint.  Letha felt warmth spread through her from her chest as she envisioned the adorable pink scar on his top lip that puckered slightly when he smiled, the sharp line of his jaw and the fiercely seductive way he had looked at her with.  She felt her insides flutter just thinking of his gloriously blue attentive eyes sweeping across her face or his long-fingered hands trailing across her skin.


She shook herself inwardly.  What was she doing?  Men were trouble and not worth the time that they consumed.  They were all burdens and only used women to either satisify their own pleasures or to care for the children they sought but cared little for. 




The sound of a child screaming and masculine shouts shook Letha from her thoughts of self-loathing.  Immediately she realised she had wandered into the rougher slums of Arcane.  All the shop windows were boarded up and unconscious drunks slept in doorways with little more than a worn hole-riddled blanket to keep them warm if they were lucky. 


Letha stood frozen in fear in the middle of the street.  Her blood burned in her veins, urging her to rescue the child screaming in pain but her mind held her in check.  What could you do? she asked herself.  What protection could a feeble, useless and frail lady offer an equally feeble, useless and frail child?  No! she shouted at herself.  There is always something that can be done.  Taking a deep breath, Letha ran a way down the street and turned left into a damp alley.




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