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3. Imagine for carriep18

"I can't believe we have front row seats for 1D!" My friend Abby said

"I can't believe it either." I said

We walked in and found are seats.

"Wouldn't it be awesome if we got backstage passes?" Abby asked

"That would be amazing!" I said

-----------concert begins--------------

"How are you doing L.A?"  Harry said 

Everybody screamed

"Now before we begin I have two backstage passes if u want them then scream!" Niall ssaid 

We started jumping up and down and screaming

"You two ladies right here get the passes." Niall said handing the passes to us

We were so excited we listened to the concert and then went backstage

"H-hi Niall." I stuttered

"Hello to u too. What are guys's names?" Niall asked

"I- I'm Carrie and this is Abby."

"Well we should get to know each other." Niall said he left Abby with boys and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into another room.

"So---" I said

"You have pretty eyes." He said"

"You do too." I said

"Akward sil-" I started

Half way through the sentence he leaned in and kissed me.

"Carrie will you be my girlfriend?" He asked

"Of course." I said


That was the beginning of my relationship with One Direction's Niall Horan.



Authors Note

Sorry it's not exactly how you wanted hope you liked it.

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