Allison Smith just moved to South High Academy, a boarding school for rich people where poor have no right to live for them. The bullies finds their way into her life, wrecking it up until he came to save her. Who could he be?

This is for a Story Writing Contest with Wings by Little Mix as my chosen category.


3. TWO

Things to remember:

   *Take it easy


   *Cover scars

   *Adam Ashford is NOT handsome



                 "Hey Allison," a blonde short girl greets me as I settled myself on the seat next to her. She smiles at me and added, "How you doin'? I've heard a lot about you."

                "Hi," I replied.

                 She raised an eyebrow. I raised mine in return. 

                "What?" I demanded. 

                 She stared at me blankly and handed me a paper. "Here lady," she explained. "There's this person who is asked by another person was also asked by another person and so on wants to give this to you."

                Nonsense. I thought. "Thank you," I told her as I started opening the paper.

                My jaw dropped. 


                           ALLISON SMITH:

                     Your words don't mean a thing
                     I'm not listening 
                     Keep talking, all I know is

                     Mamma told me not to waste my life…

                Who could this person be? Someone caring about me? Impossible.    

                I shook my head in disbelief.

               “Where did you get this?” I asked but nothing welcomed my question but the wandering air.

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