Allison Smith just moved to South High Academy, a boarding school for rich people where poor have no right to live for them. The bullies finds their way into her life, wrecking it up until he came to save her. Who could he be?

This is for a Story Writing Contest with Wings by Little Mix as my chosen category.



Things to remember:

   *Stop rereading the letters

   *Who could he be?


   *Stop using razors



                The academy has over a thousand students crowding to leave the campus fast as possible that the exit can barely be passed swiftly by anybody. I pushed my way out of the building by staggered on my heels. Pretty consumed over the numerous bodies bumping each other including me, I felt a little piece of paper inserted in my fists. I searched the area my eyes would allow but no traces of any person reliable is seen.

                The fresh air embraces me as I reached the path walk outside the building. 

                “You, weirdo,” a guy blocked my way. “There’s a play for the team this evening at the school gym.”

                “So?” I retorted.

                He stepped back. “Nothing,” he said and left. I looked at the path he took as he left until I realized he fell something. “Wait,” I yelled but I guess it’s way too late.

                I picked up the paper unable to respect his privacy I unfolded the paper. Just then I realized the paper I’ve been holding a while ago.         

                My eyes widened and my thoughts jumbled in my head leaving series of questions. I feel scared yet somehow relieved. I wonder why. The inserted paper says:


                            ALLISON SMITH:

                  And we don't let nobody bring us down
                  No matter what you say it won't hurt me
                  Don't matter if I fall from the sky
                  These wings are made to fly


                 I opened the other paper that guy fell and it states:


                            ALLISON SMITH:

                   Mamma told me not to waste my life
                   She said spread your wings my little butterfly
                   Don't let what they say keep you up at night
                   And they can't detain you
                   'Cos wings are made to fly
                                           Tonight: 7:30 @ Plaza                                                      

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