Allison Smith just moved to South High Academy, a boarding school for rich people where poor have no right to live for them. The bullies finds their way into her life, wrecking it up until he came to save her. Who could he be?

This is for a Story Writing Contest with Wings by Little Mix as my chosen category.


2. ONE

Things to remember:


   *Show my beautiful ass to the haters

   *Don’t look back

   *Don’t cry anymore  

   *Chin up


   *Hide razors. Or throw.  

              School is not as fun if you are labeled a freak and everyone starts hating you. By the way, I am Allison Smith and I have a really, really black hair and tanned skin. I wasn't born here, nor my parents. I am an Asian and no one likes Asians here. If I had other choice I shouldn't have studied here, but as you see, obviously I was left with no choice. My parents have little salary and were forced to send me in this school which is unconditionally for rich people. 

              I stroll past the hallways to check on my locker settled beside Adam Ashford, the school's hottest guy. Awkward as it is, I think I am having a crush on him and no one can know. NO ONE. Strictly no one should know this! I will die if someone starts to find out. I guess I am more popular than him because everywhere I go, I have people staring in my direction. Oh my, I'm a star! I giggle. No. Loser. I remind myself. Other than that, I'm quite positive to own the reign as the most gossiped person ever. 

             My hand shakes as usual. I touched the lock as I spin the numerals of the password, waiting to unlock my locker to change my clothes. I slipped in the doorway this morning when that Troy guy pushed me, not that it is something to be embarrassed of cause to think that's too mild for bullying. I've had worse. As I open my locker, about four letters were inserted in the small opening. Not surprising. My haters don't allow a day to pass without me having a hate letter being read. A red envelope catches my attention which is too bizarre to be one of my hater's remarks. I craned my neck to check on anyone who might me taking chances to play with me, upon seeing nothing mysterious, I open the envelope with shaking hands. 


          ALLISON SMITH:

                   Mamma told me not to waste my life
                   She said spread your wings my little butterfly
                   Don't let what they say keep you up at night
                   And if they give you shh... 
                   Then they can walk on by


               I don't know which emotion I should allow to linger. Someone must have mistaken, thinking of my locker as someone else's or rather someone wants to trap me or maybe someone just wants to help me. I can't be sure of that. But... but my name is written legibly on the surface. 

              Better not to trust anyone. I ain't fool. 
              The bell's irritating call interrupted my thoughts. I tucked the letter in my bag and transferred the other three letters in a box where I kept my other hate letters. 

               All of a sudden before closing the door, I caught a glimpse of Adam who's getting closer. His attitude has covered his looks. Poor him. Hurriedly I paced to the other direction as students slowly depart for classes

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