Allison Smith just moved to South High Academy, a boarding school for rich people where poor have no right to live for them. The bullies finds their way into her life, wrecking it up until he came to save her. Who could he be?

This is for a Story Writing Contest with Wings by Little Mix as my chosen category.


1. Prologue

I don't need mirror to see my face turning red and I mean it literally. No blushing, instead ... The world, or rather my world is shaking again. I moved swiftly with my heavy backpack, dodging the papers crumpled with hatred as the haters rain it on me. My glasses barely on its position. My hands are midair, trembling badly, failing its purpose as my shield and providing an easy way for the papers to find easy slots to bleed my face. Everything’s a blur that I can’t make view of the pieces that rip my flesh. Their amusements drain my humanity. Scream. I think. Suddenly a huge blow from a book hit my thighs followed by a pointed unknown thing hurting my arms.

         I looked.


         Finally a scream leaves my silenced mouth. But their laughter grows louder. Pitiless.

         “Please, stop!” I beg loudly. “Please.” I enunciate. 

        “Go to hell,” someone retorts. I can still feel stab in my heart after a million times hearing this phrase.

         “Die!” series of voices add.

          Begging has no rule in this life, the more I beg, the worse things turns out. Please. Every time it’s like this, people treating me a trash or an insect to play with.  I have no place, but I have no choice  to choose from. My hands trace the edges of my wounds, wiping the blood sucking its way out as my schoolmates torture me. 

       I am an Asian. Yes I am. But that's not a reason for them to think I am worthless. 

        Dropping to the ground I curl on the wooden floor, tears pouring heavily as I grasp for air. 

        Die. Ugly. Asshole. Useless. That's me. I should die. I am ugly, very ugly. I have no use. Asian. I am nothing.  I am a total use -

        "Let her go," someone shouts, eyes avert in the direction towards the door. 

        I shift my attention to the person whose each eye flares with anger, it scares the hell out of me. No. He was not angry to me, he was angry to them. It took my a while to realize who it was, the least expected person. 

        I cant be. 


        Just then, dizziness attacks me and I fell unconscious, only remembering the cold floor that catches me. 



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