Never Die

Beth, Jess and Ambs have a tough life as it is. Three sisters who live in an unreal world. When something changes it all. What happens when they meet 1 Direction and fall in love? They already have boyfriends, so that's a problem...


2. Bang Band

Beths POV

As the final song ended we stood in despair as we didn't have VIP tickets and we couldn't see them. Ambs wasn't too bothered and neither was Jess. I called for them after I had gotten some drinks for us all, we weren't allowed to drink so we all had some cherry cola.

"JESS! AMBS! COME ON!" I shouted and along came Ambs running towards me and Jess walking behind her, texting. The boys were already gone (Our boyfriends) and so we were now on our own. We stood in the middle of the arena for a little bit too long while most people had gone by now. There was millions of drinks spilt on the floor, mainly beers and vodkas. I stared in despair at the messy floor. Poor cleaners, oh well. As I looked round the floor a bit more I saw some blue tickets. I walked over to them, picked them up and screamed.

"What? What's happened Beth? Tell me!" Ambs came running towards me and Jess walked behind her, looking shocked.

"1D!" I screamed loudly,

"Oh, God, Beth, yes we've been to their dumb concert, so what?" Amber sighed disapprovingly.

"VIP TICKETS!" I screamed,

"Well that's nice, go ahead and leave us here..." Amber pulled a face,

"THREE WE CAN ALL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed in excitement and rushed off to the backstage part.


"Great." Amber muttered and ran after me.

As soon as we saw their doors I almost fainted. OMG! I saw a bunch of bulky bodyguards by the side of their doors and behind one of them labeled '1D' I heard talking.

"What you want?" One of the bodyguards guarding the 1D door said,

"Passes?" I handed them over, looking up to the 6 foot 7 man in front of me.

"You got lucky there, girls, go in!" He shoved us infront of the door and I opened it and squealed quietly, eeek! They were all there! YEY!!!!!!!!

"LOUIS!" I almost fainted again as I saw Louis laughing with his mates and luckily, Amber caught me, rolling her eyes.

"Sorry, about her, she's a 'mad fan'" Amber mouthed the last two words and the boys laughed,

"Don't worry, we get it all the time!" A handsome blonde with sparkling blue eyes and an Irish accent smiled and walked into the room, a hotdog in both hands.

"Hey, I'm Niall, this is Zayn, Louis, Harry and Liam." Niall introduced himself and the others,

"Hi, I'm Amber, this is Bethany, and this is Jessica, we all have nicknames, though." Amber smiled, introducing us,

"And what might those be?" Louis raised an eyebrow cheekily,

"I'm Ambs, over there is Beth and you might not guess much, Jess." We all waved in union.

"Cute." Niall muttered quietly, but not quietly enough. Amber blushed and tried to hide her face.

"So, lucky to meet us, eh?" Niall sat down on the couch with the other boys and smiled politely,

"" "YES!" I changed it to, Amber sighed. The boys all laughed.


"Not for us, we're not even fans, no offense, and it was hell having to listen to Beth scream down my ear on the bus ride." Amber finished her sentence.

"LOUIS!" I stood up and ran over to Louis, he is my favorite boy in 1 Direction.

"What is wrong with you, seriously?" Jess managed to say, and then walked back into the background again.

"Ha, you're funny, Jess, if yer don't mind me sayin'? Vas' Happening?" Zayn said to Jess,

"Vas' Happening?" Jess tried to mock Zayn in her most girly voice ever. Zayn laughed and said once more,

"Vas' Happening?" Trying to mock her mock.

"So...does anybody want any photos or autographs?" Louis asked, knowing that I was going to jump all over him. Literally.

"OH! I DO! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I itched for an autograph, Louis looked round the room before saying, "Sure, love, what do you want?"

"BOTH! PLUS...." I thought hard for a minute before saying,

"A KISS!" I smiled and held out my book for him to autograph, then, I forced Amber to take a photo of me and Louis. Ugh. She sighed and Jess giggled. Then, I sat down next to Louis sat down again, and leaned in, turning my head round so Louis could kiss my cheek, but instead, he turned my head round, and kissed me on the lips...



"There you go, love!" Louis said, trying to fight back his laughs from my dramatic reaction.

"Get over it." I laughed, and stood up and walked back over to the girls.

"Sit down if you want!" Harry said in his rough, grizzly voice.

"Thanks!" Amber said, and walked over to Niall. She sat next to him and smiled at us, showing off.

"Thanks!" I strutted over to Louis and looked confused, he wasn't making me any space, like Niall had done, but then he laughed and made some space.

"Erm..." Jess was the only one standing there now. The boys looked at her and then she walked over to Zayn and there was no more space left so Zayn patted his lap and she stared at his lap, then his face, lap, face, lap, face, lap. Some raising eyebrows and 'Are you sure?' 's later Jess finally sat down on his lap and smiled, thankfully.

"You girls are different." Liam smiled and then we all laughed, and I laughed too, not knowing what we were laughing about...

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