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Since the death of her father, Emma has not been the same. She no longer laughs and enjoy life. The only things she truly enjoys are horse-riding and singing. However, her life is changed when One Direction visits her college...


1. The Nightmare/Memory (Prologue)

"Let's go for a ride!" Dad suggested to me. I nodded enthusiastically and ran to the stables to prepare Victory, my loyal mount. 

The horses in the stables poked their heads out of their stalls when they saw me and whinnied, hoping that I would take them out for a ride. "Sorry guys, I'm only taking Victory." 

I quickly saddled Victory and led him out. Dad was already outside, waiting for me with Treasure. We quickly mounted and urged the horses to a trot. We rode in companionable silence for a while, heading towards the path in the woods. 

All of a sudden, lightning flashed, soon followed by the roar of thunder. The horses snorted and backed up in alarm, their ears flat on their heads. "Shh... It's okay." I whispered to Victory, leaning forward and patting him gently. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Dad doing the same thing with Treasure. Victory calmed down after a few minutes.

Dad, however, was having no such luck. Treasure continued backing up, the whites of his eyes showing. I rode over to them, hoping that once Treasure saw that Victory was calm, he would calm down too. 

Thankfully, once Treasure saw Victory, he started to calm. Right then, lightning zigzagged across the sky and thunder rumbled yet again. 

There was nothing I could do but watch on in horror as Treasure bucked. Dad flew over his back. As he hit the the ground, there was a sickening crack. Treasure bolted, galloping deep into the woods. I vaulted off Victory and ran towards Dad, dropping to my knees beside him. "Dad!" I screamed, over and over again. He was motionless, his eyes wide open, staring blankly up to the sky. Blood gushed out from underneath his head. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I sobbed. I gripped Dad's shirt in my hands, screaming till I was hoarse. 





Hi, this is my first movella, I hope it isn't too bad. Please support me! :D  ~Alicia




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