Choices (On hold)

Since the death of her father, Emma has not been the same. She no longer laughs and enjoy life. The only things she truly enjoys are horse-riding and singing. However, her life is changed when One Direction visits her college...


2. Prepare for college

"Emma! Emma! Wake up!" A voice yelled at me. I could feel somebody shaking me. My eyes fluttered open and I saw a face that looked so much like mine staring back at me. 

I realised that my hair was plastered to my face and I was sweating all over. My face was wet with both tears and sweat. The memory of my father's death came flooding back to me and tears welled up in my eyes. My vision went blurry and I felt my identical twin, Tiffany, hug me tightly, saying, "Shh..." 

"Tiff, it was all my fault. I could have - "

"What? What could you have done? Nothing! It was not your fault!" Tiffany said fiercely. 

"I could have helped Dad sooth Treasure!"

"You were already trying to help. Nobody could have stopped what happened. And you know it."

She was right. It had happened too fast. I stopped arguing and we lay there in silence, Tiffany holding me. Soon, I composed myself and wiped away my tears.

As we were about to fall back asleep, Tiffany's eyes suddenly flew open and she shouted, "Oh My God! It's our first day at our new college! We have to prepare!" 

In a matter of seconds, I was wide awake. I ran to the bathroom, and turned on the hot shower. I let the water run over me, enjoying the heat. 

After ten minutes, Tiffany pounded on the bathroom door and yelled, "Get out, Em. I need to bathe too!" 

Sighing, I turned off the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. The moment I opened the door, my sister pushed past me and rushed inside, slamming the door behind her. I went to my wardrobe looked at the clothes I had, trying to decide what to wear. In the end, I picked a red long-sleeved shirt and a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. I slipped them on and brushed a comb through my long,  wavy brown hair, before tying it into a ponytail. 

I lay down on the bed to wait for Tiffany. Our bags were already packed. I couldn't wait to get to the stables in the college. Both of my horses, Victory and Wonder, were there. Our new house didn't have any stables for the horses, so we had decided to board them at the college stables. I was also joining the school's equestrian team. 

Just then, Tiffany came out and quickly got dressed in an outfit identical to mine. She sat down in front of the vanity table and started applying makeup. 

When she had finished, she looked at me and cocked and an eyebrow. "Aren't you going to put makeup?" 

"Nope," I replied. She looked at me with puppy-dog eyes that were impossible to resist and I felt my resolve crumbling. I groaned and said, "Ugh... fine."

 I sat up and just applied lip gloss. "There." I declared. "All done."

She rolled her eyes and said, "Oh, fine. Your loss." 

We stood up and got our bags, slinging them over our shoulders. We were ready. 

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