Look After You

Look After You; Kim's friend Jessica and Jack bought Kim a plane ticket to London to stay for 2 weeks. In the plane, she meets Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and bumps head with him. When Kim returns home early, her house is up for sale and there is no sign or contact of Jessica or Jack. She's broke, has no place to stay, so she sleeps outside her house in the back porch. The next day she wakes up, workers are bringing in things into the house. Kim surprisingly sees Louis from the corner and things begin to heat up. Louis hates Kim's guts from what happened in the plane and Kim has her days with Louis because she loves him and his music. In order for Kim to get her house back, Louis and Kim signs a contract between them two to be married that no one knows of, but will have a real wedding for the press. Read on and see how they end up.


3. 1.3

Kim: *sits at the desk and looks at louis's photos* I can't believe I'm doing this, this is so wrong. I can't marry you Louis. I only love you as an idol; I never thought I'll ever marry you. Eleanor and you are so perfect and I can't believe I ruined it. But then I'm also happy that my dreams will be coming true, marrying a member from One Direction. *smiles then gets sad* God forgive me for whatever happens within our marriage and relationship. 

Louis: *opens the door* Hey, you're not asleep yet. 

Kim: *exits out the photos* No, I wasn't tired. 

Louis: You weren't waiting up for me right? Because you know it is five in the morning. 

Kim: Yeah, I know. I was just going right now. Goodnight. 

Louis: Hey, are you having second thoughts? 

Kim: No? 

Louis: I am. 

Kim: *mood changes* Well to bad! You already signed the contract! *walks up the stairs* 

Louis: *chuckles mad* You didn't just... *chuckles again* I see how it is now. *walks up the stairs* 

Father: Do you Louis Tomlinson take Kim Johnson to be your beloved wife until death does you parts? 

Louis: I do. 

Father: Do you Kim Johnson take Louis Tomlinson to be your beloved husband until death does you parts? 

Kim: *sighs* I do. 

Louis: *looks at kim* 

Father: I now pronounce you wife and husband. You may now kiss. 

Louis: *kisses kims cheek and smiles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* 

Louis: Well we're married now. 

Kim: Yeah, we are, it's crazy how the week went by so fast. 

Louis: Yeah, I know right. 

Kim: I hope three years goes by quick. 

Louis: Yeah me too. 

Kim: *sighs* I'm going to bed. *gets up from the sofa* 

Louis: Yeah me too, I mean we have a huge honeymoon to go to tomorrow morning. 

Kim: *crosses her arms* Do we have to go? 

Louis: My mom insists that we go. She's already paid for it all and you know what happens when she's mad, I mean she already don't like you, why make her dislike you more? 

Kim: *gets mad* Hey! It's not my fault you kissed me and told the press that we were getting married!  

Louis: *chuckles* Yeah, it was my fault. But I had to Kim, Eleanor said me and her were getting married. Where would you live if Eleanor and I had gotten married? 

Kim: *silent* 

Louis: Exactly, so you're welcome. *gets up and walks to the elevator* 

Kim: *wants to cry, but can't* 

(The Next Day) 

Louis: *packing* 

Kim: Are you almost ready? I'm ready to go and come back. 

Louis: Yeah, just need to bring my luggage down, did you already put yours in the car? 

Kim: No, it's too heavy. 

Louis: Then! 

Kim: What?! 

Louis: Take some stuff out and leave it. 

Kim: I need them! 

Louis: Whatever. *rolls his suitcase and walks off* 

Kim: *get out of the limo* Wow! This is such a great place! 

Louis: *smiles* Wow, Hawaii never looked better. 

Kim: *runs to the water* Ah, this is so perfect. *smiles and catches Louis starting at her* 

Louis: *catches himself staring at kim and looks away* 

Kim: *laughs and walks back to Louis* I saw you staring at me. 

Louis: I was just looking at an idiot having so much fun by herself. 

Kim: Hey! I'm not an idiot. Points to the ring, I'm your wife now. *smiles* 

Louis: *rolls his eyes* I'm going to get some rest. 

Kim: *grabs her suitcase and follows Louis* 

Louis: What are you doing? 

Kim: I'm gonna change and lay out for a tan and swim, care to join me? 

Louis: Uh no thank you, change in the restroom, I'm gonna get some rest before tonight's dinner reception. 

Kim: *makes a ugly face and goes change in the restroom* 

Louis: *looks at the bed* Wait a minute? 

Kim: *fixing her top walking out the restroom* 

Louis: *stares at kim* 

Kim: What? 

Louis: There's only one bed. 

Kim: There are plenty of chairs outside. 

Louis: For you to sleep on? 

Kim: No for you. *walks off* 

Louis: *chuckles upset* 

Kim: *lays on the beach towel and tans* Ah, now this is the best thing ever. Haven't tanned in so long, ah how I miss it. *puts on her sunglasses and puts her face in her arms* 

Louis: *wakes up* Why is it so hot! *looks at his phone* It's only 3:54. *gets out of bed and looks for kim* 

Kim: *sits up and puts suntan lotion on herself* 

Louis: *sees kim and goes back and changes* 

Kim: *sits on the beach chair and puts her sunglasses on* 

Louis: Hey. 

Kim: *moves her sunglasses* Oh look who decided to come out here after 2 hours of napping. 

Louis: *fakes a chuckle* I couldn't sleep, it was too hot. 

Kim: Well let's go join the water together. *gets up and walks into the water* Come join me! The water is great! *smiles and laughs* 

Louis: *still kind of tired/dazing* Whatever that's about to happen is all gonna get put in articles aren't they. *gets up and walks to the water* It's pretty cold don't you think? 

Kim: No, I think it's fine. 

Louis: Really? *splashes kim* 

Kim: *gasp* Hey! 

Louis: *laughs and runs* 

Kim: *runs and trip into the water* 

Louis: *turns back around* Kim! *runs back to kim* You ok? 

Kim: *pretends to be mad* 

Louis: I'm sorry. *reaches out his hand* 

Kim: *smiles and grabs louis's hand and pulls him into the water* 

Louis: *falls into the water* What the hell Kim. 

Kim: *chuckles* Looks like you're the one that got fooled instead. *smiles and runs off* 

Louis: *catches himself liking kim a bit* Wait? Am I? No, I can't be. *gets up and runs after kim* 

Kim: *screams and laughs* 

Paparazzi's: *snapping photos of Louis and kim* 

Louis: *picks kim up from the waist behind and swings her* 

Kim: *screaming and laughing* 

Louis: *falls to the ground* 

Kim: *falls on top of Louis* 

Louis: *stares into kims eyes* 

Kim: *starts to feel weird*  

Louis: *pushes kim off of him and leans over on her in a kiss position* 

Kim: *closes her eyes* 

Louis: *laughs and sits up* 

Kim: *sits up* That wasn't funny. 

Louis: What wasn't, this? *grabs sand and smashes it into kims face* 

Kim: *screams* 

Louis: *gets up and runs/laughs* 

Kim: *wipes the sand off of her face and runs after Louis* 

Louis: *looks back and stops running and laughs* 

Kim: *catches up to Louis/laughing* 

Paparazzi's: *snapping more photos of Louis and kim* 

Louis: *laughing* I'm so sorry. *wipes the rest of the sand off kims face* 

Kim: *smiles shy* 

Louis: *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: *runs and jumps on louis's back* 

Louis: *looks back and smiles* 

Kim: *laughing* 

Louis: *runs into the water* 

Kim: *jumps off louis's back and into the water* 

Louis: *carries kim into his arms walking in the water* 

Kim: *smiles and looks into louis's eyes* 

Louis: *looks at kim and smiles happy* 

Kim: *wraps her arms around louis's neck and jumps off his arms* 

Paparazzi's: *snaps more photos* 

Louis: *wraps his arms around kims waist facing her* 

Kim: *wanting to kiss Louis* 

Louis: It's getting late, we should get change and get ready for dinner. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Louis: *walks off first* 

Kim: *smiles softly and then runs and catches up to Louis* 

Louis: *looks down at kims hand and grabs her hand and holds it* 

Kim: *smiles touched* 

Louis: *opens the door* After you. 

Kim: *smiles and walks in first* 

Louis: You can shower first. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles and heads into the restroom* 

Louis: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: Yeah? 

Louis: We're running out of time, can we just shower together? 

Kim: *opens the door* I don't know, why would you want to do that? 

Louis: We're wife and husband now. *smiles softly* 

Kim: *opens the door all the way* 

Louis: *kisses kim in the shower* 

Kim: *moves back* 

Louis: It's ok. 

Kim: *moves closer to Louis and kisses him* 

Louis: *kisses kim back* 

Johanna: Would you look at these articles! *upset* 

Eleanor: I can't believe they're married mom, they didn't even seem happy when they tied the knot and now look at them, all happy and having fun on their honeymoon. 

Johanna: Don't say that honey, I'm sure they won't last together forever. 

Eleanor: I really hope so too. 

Johanna: *phone beeps* I have to be somewhere, come back again later. 

Eleanor: Ok. *grabs her purse and leaves* 

Louis: *gets out the limo and holds kims hand* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: You go home first, my mom texted me and wants to meet me. 

Kim: Why can't we go together? 

Louis: She asked for me only. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok, hurry up and come home. 

Louis: *smiles* I will. 

Kim: *opens the door and walks in* 

Johanna: Did you see the papers! 

Louis: Yeah, it's me and Kim on our honeymoon. I was sure there were gonna be photos leaked out. 

Johanna: Do you know how hurt Eleanor is seeing these articles and covers! 

Louis: I didn't tell her to look at them. 

Johanna: She didn't, it was handed to her. 

Louis: Why she take it then? She didn't have to. 

Johanna: I don't know Louis! Maybe she didn't want to be rude to the fan. 

Louis: It's not about her anymore mom, you need to realize that I am married to Kim now. We're a happy couple. 

Johanna: I don't believe it. Eleanor wants to meet you; she's at the park where you two always meet. 

Louis: Ok.  

Johanna: Go meet her! 

Louis: I will, I'll see you. *leaves* 

Kim: *cooks* 

Louis: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Louis: I'll be home late, so don't wait for me. My mom wants me to spend some time with her. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Ok. 

Louis: Bye. 

Kim: Bye. 

Louis: *gets out the car* 

Eleanor: *smiles big* 

Louis: *smiles* Hey Eleanor. *hugs Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *hugs Louis and closes her eyes* Please don't move. 

Louis: Why? 

Eleanor: I want to stay like this for a while. 

Louis: Oh, well why did you want to meet here? 

Eleanor: Why? This is where we first met Louis. 

Louis: I know, but... I'm married now. 

Eleanor: Can we just forget that for a minute and just have a me and you time together for the last time. 

Louis: Well I guess we can? 

Eleanor: *walks off* 

Louis: *catches up with Eleanor* 

Eleanor: Catch me if you can. *smiles and runs off* 

Louis: *smiles and runs after Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *laughs and screams* 

Louis: *catches Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *laughing* Come with me. 

Louis: Where are we going? 

Eleanor: *sits on the swing* 

Louis: Oh, I know what you're doing. *sits on the swing next to Eleanor* Let's see who will swing the highest, the lower one gets to buy ice cream and pay for it. *swings first* 

Eleanor: Hey! *chuckles and swings* 

Kim: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Hi, you just reached my voicemail, please leave me a message. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Louis, I made dinner for us, umm, I know you said you'll be out late with your mom, but I'll wait up for you to come home. Bye. *hangs up* 

Louis: *holding eleanor's hand eating ice cream* I can't believe you lost Eleanor. 

Eleanor: *smiling* You cheated that's why! *laughs* 

Louis: *laughs* No I didn't! 

Eleanor: Did too! 

Louis: Hey. 

Eleanor: What? 

Louis: *smashes his ice cream in eleanor's face and runs off to the water fountain* 

Eleanor: Hey! *runs after Louis* 

Louis: *squirt the water at Eleanor* 

Eleanor: Stop! I'm getting all wet Louis! *laughing* 

Louis: *stops* I'm sorry. *squirts Eleanor again* 

Eleanor: *grabs the hose and squirts it at Louis* 

Louis: Hey! *laughs* 

Eleanor: *cont. wetting Louis* 

Louis: *chases after Eleanor* 

Kim: *waits patiently outside for Louis* Where are you Louis? *looks at her phone to check the time* 

Louis: *parks the car* 

Eleanor: *takes off her seatbelt* I had a great time with you today Louis. 

Louis: *smiles* I did too Eleanor. You showed me what fun we use to have. 

Eleanor: *smiles sad* I guess it's time I let you go and let you start you married life now right? 

Louis: *feels bad* Yeah. 

Eleanor: Goodbye Louis. 

Louis: Bye Eleanor. 

Kim: *goes back into the house and lays on her bed* 

Eleanor: *gets out the car and goes inside her house* 

Louis: *drives off* 

Kim: *turns off the light and goes to sleep* 

Louis: *opens the door* Kim? 

Kim: *hears and listens at the door in her room* 

Louis: *twists the doorknob to kims room* 

Kim: *back up and looks at the door* 

Louis: *turns the doorknob back and walks to his room* 

Kim: *puts her head on the door and listens* 

Louis: *closes his door* 

Kim: *gets sad and goes back and lays on her bed* 

Harry: Did you see the papers today? 

Louis: No I didn't get the chance why? 

Harry: You and Eleanor are on it. 

Louis: *spits out his tea* What!? 

Harry: Yeah, you two look like you two were having fun together at the park from day til night. 

Louis: Holy smudge! Kim can't see that or else I'm dead! 

Harry: What'd you tell her? 

Louis: That I was with my mom, well I was and then I met up with Eleanor at the park. 

Harry: Wow, right after your honeymoon too Louis. 

Louis: I'm dead aren't I? 

Harry: Yeah you are. 

Louis: Wow. *gets upset* 

Kim: *shopping and sees the magazine* Huh? *grabs the magazine and reads the title* Eleanor and Louis spending a romantic time together while he's married to Kim. *gasp/puts the magazine away and leaves the store* 

Louis: Alright, well I'm gonna go home and explain everything. 

Harry: Alright, you do that. 

Louis: *leaves* 

Kim: *walks into the café* 

Harry: Kim? 

Kim: Harry? What are you doing here? 

Harry: I was just getting something to drink here. Is this seat taken? 

Kim: No, have a seat. 

Harry: *sits down* So?  

Kim: Did Louis tell you anything about seeing Eleanor after our honeymoon? 

Harry: Bingo! I knew that wasn't gonna be hidden from long. But not he didn't, are you upset? 

Kim: Upset? Harry, I'm hurt. I waited up all night for him to come home. I even cleaned and cooked for him. 

Harry: I'm sorry Kim. 

Kim: *cries* I can't believe this is happening. 

Harry: How about I take you out sometimes? To get him back yeah? 

Kim: No, I don't want to get him back, I just want to work things out with him. 

Harry: Ok, well work it out and if it doesn't, I'm here for you. *smiles* 

Kim: Thank you, but I'm gonna head back home. *grabs her coffee and leaves* 

Harry: *watches kim leave* 

Louis: Babe! *smiles* 

Kim: *puts down her coffee mad* You lied to me Louis. 

Louis: I can explain actually. 

Kim: Explain? *cries* I waited all night for you! I left you a voicemail Louis! For heaven sakes you lied to be about staying at your mom's late! I cleaned and cooked and waited for you Louis! 

Louis: I'm sorry, I don't know what happened, but I won't let it happen anymore. 

Kim: I mean I know we're only married by contract, but still! I'm a human being with feelings too you know! 

Louis: Yeah we are huh, so why are you upset for? 

Kim: Maybe I might love you! *walks off* 

Louis: *confused with mix emotions* 

Kim: I'm gonna go for a drive, I'll be home later! *leaves* 

Louis: *runs after kim* Wait! Let's go somewhere and talk it out yeah? 

Kim: *stands in silent* 

Louis: *grabs the keys from kim* I'll drive yeah? 

Kim: Give me my keys back. 

Louis: We have to work things out to let the press know that I was wrong. 

Kim: You are wrong Louis! 

Louis: To make it seem like we're really married instead of by contract. 

Kim: *walks to the passenger side* 

Eleanor: *pulls up from afar* 

Louis: *gets in the driver side and drives off* 

Eleanor: *breaks into Louis and kim's house* Wow, a lot of things rearranged since I was last here. *looks around* Hmm, what do they have to eat? *opens the freezer and sees a paper* What the? *grabs the paper* What the hell? A marriage contract?! *makes a copy and take it and leave* 

Kim: Well I'm glad we worked things out even though I'm still upset. 

Louis: Yeah me too and I'm really sorry. 

Harry: Hey Eleanor, why did you want to meet me? 

Eleanor: Did you know Kim and Louis got married. 

Harry: Yeah I did and I thought you knew it too? 

Eleanor: *puts out the paper* Read this. 

Harry: *reads the paper* Marriage contract? *chuckles* Wait, Louis and Kim are only marrying because of this contract they made for eachother? 

Eleanor: Yeah. 

Harry: *laughs* I can't believe this. 

Eleanor: Yeah, so help me win him back. I know you're into Kim, so help me. 

Harry: Yeah, I'll try my best. 

Eleanor: Good, I'll see you around. *leaves* 

Louis: *opens the door* Harry? 

Harry: *smiles* Hey, can I come in? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Kim: Harry? 

Harry: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: What brings you here? 

Harry: Can we talk privately? 

Louis: Why, what's up? 

Harry: Is there somewhere private we can go to talk? 

Louis: We got the beach. 

Harry: *looks at the beach* There's people there, but how about the back porch? 

Kim: I can stay in my room. 

Harry: Would you, please? 

Kim: Yeah. *walks to her room* 

Louis: *closes the back screen* What's up? 

Harry: Eleanor found this paper... 

Louis: Paper? What paper? 

Harry: A marriage contract paper between you and Kim. 

Louis: *shocked* How did she find it!? 

Harry: I don't know, but she has the copy. 

Louis: Copy? 

Harry: She said she made a copy. 

Louis: Wow. 

Harry: You better do something before she tells the press first. 

Louis: Is that all? 

Harry: Yeah, I pretty much came to tell you that. 

Louis: Alright, I'll let Kim know. 

Harry: Alright, I'll see you tomorrow then. 

Louis: Alright. 

Harry: *leaves* 

Louis: *walks back in the house* Kim! 

Kim: *walks out her room* Yeah? 

Louis: We have to divorce. 

Kim: Already? We only been married for a week and a half? 

Louis: We've been discovered. 

Kim: By who? 

Louis: Eleanor who else! 

Kim: How did she... 

Louis: I don't know, but even if we get rid of the contract, she has a copy and who knows how many more she has! 

Kim: Well when?  

Louis: I'll announce it tomorrow. 

Kim: We're divorcing tomorrow? 

Louis: We have no choice Kim. 

Kim: *hurt* Fine, then we will. 

Louis: *puts his hands on kims shoulder* Relax, we'll be ok. You can live here, I'll go house hunting. 

Kim: Ok. 

Johanna: So what is this about Louis? 

Louis: What? 

Johanna: That you and Kim are divorcing? 

Louis: Yeah we are. 

Johanna: What's the reason? 

Louis: We just hate eachother so much now. 

Johanna: Is it because of that day with Eleanor? 

Louis: No, we talked that out and understood clear. 

Johanna: Then why? 

Louis: Mom, it's my life. 

Johanna: Sure, it is, I created it for you. 

Louis: Yeah, but now it's my turn to take care of it. 

Johanna: Yeah, sure, look, after you divorce Kim, I want you to marry Eleanor. 

Louis: Not gonna happen. *leaves* 

Kim: *opens the door* Hey Harry. *smiles* 

Harry: Is Louis home? 

Kim: No, he went to see his mom. 

Harry: Look, I'm sorry about the divorce. I know it happened so soon, three years, were you two really gonna go with it for that long? 

Kim: I don't know, who knows. 

Louis: *opens the door* Oh hey Harry? 

Louis: What? 

Harry: *smiles* If you don't mind, I would love to borrow your soon to be ex-wife for the day. 

Louis: Uh ok? Sure. 

Harry: Really? Well thank you. *smiles* I'll be waiting outside Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* I'll see you later. 

Louis: *hurt* 

Kim: *gets ready and leave with harry*

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