Look After You

Look After You; Kim's friend Jessica and Jack bought Kim a plane ticket to London to stay for 2 weeks. In the plane, she meets Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and bumps head with him. When Kim returns home early, her house is up for sale and there is no sign or contact of Jessica or Jack. She's broke, has no place to stay, so she sleeps outside her house in the back porch. The next day she wakes up, workers are bringing in things into the house. Kim surprisingly sees Louis from the corner and things begin to heat up. Louis hates Kim's guts from what happened in the plane and Kim has her days with Louis because she loves him and his music. In order for Kim to get her house back, Louis and Kim signs a contract between them two to be married that no one knows of, but will have a real wedding for the press. Read on and see how they end up.


2. 1.2

Kim: *walks down the stairs* Are you hungry? I can cook or order us something to eat. 

Louis: I don't care, don't talk to me. 

Kim: Rude. *grabs her phone and makes an order* I'm gonna go pick up the order! *leaves* 

Louis: *walks to the kitchen to get a drink* Hmm, she didn't take her phone. *grabs kims phone and looks through it* 

Kim: *open the door* What are you doing? 

Louis: *puts down kims phone quickly* You left your phone. 

Kim: Yeah, I forgot it. 

Louis: Give me your number. 

Kim: *chuckles* Give you my number? 

Louis: Yeah in case I get locked outside and need to get inside. 

Kim: Why? I'll be home, plus you and I can get another extra key. 

Louis: Just give me your number! 

Kim: Ok. *gives her number to Louis* I'm leaving, again. *leaves* 

Louis: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Louis: Can you buy me a Pepsi on your way back. 

Kim: *laughs* Yeah, I can. *hangs up* 

Louis: Just hang up on me like that.  

Niall: Really? There's a girl living with Louis? 

Harry: Yeah, her name is Kim. I helped pay for her hotel stay in London. 

Niall: Why? 

Harry: She was pretty and she didn't seem to have enough money on her. 

Niall: How does she look like? 

Harry: She's pretty Niall. 

Niall: So that's why Louis's having her live with him? 

Harry: I don't know, I didn't ask him why she was, but she told me she's only there for a couple more days. 

Niall: Interesting, I want to meet her. 

Harry: Maybe he'll bring her to the premier? 

Niall: What about Eleanor? 

Harry: He's probably gonna have me take her. 

Niall: Why? It's his girlfriend. 

Harry: That's what I said about earlier too. 

Niall: Maybe he likes Kim? 

Harry: He hates her. *laughs* 

Niall: *chuckles* What? 

Harry: They hate eachother's guts Niall. *laughing* 

Niall: *laughs* Wow. 

Harry: It's pretty crazy how they live together still. 

Niall: Yeah, that's really crazy. 

Zayn: Hey, which tie should I wear? 

Harry: Any. 

Niall: None. 

Zayn: Ok, thanks Niall. *leaves* 

Louis: Are you gonna go or what? 

Kim: *crosses her arms* Why do you want me to go? 

Louis: No because then you'll ruin it for me. 

Kim: Is that what you think. 

Louis: I know so Kim. 

Kim: Fine!  

Louis: Just stay, I'm gonna go. *grabs his keys* 

Kim: *gasp* I want to go! 

Louis: Fine, then find a ride if you can. *leaves* 

Paparazzi's: *taking picture of the boys* 

Louis: *talking to Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *talking back with Louis* 

Kim: *arrives* Wow, this is such a great place to throw this premier. *looks around* 

Harry: Kim? 

Kim: Harry? I wasn't expecting to see you. 

Harry: It is my premier. *chuckles* 

Kim: Oh right, um... 

Harry: Louis doesn't know you're here right? 

Kim: Kind of, he told me to stay, but I begged for him to let me come and he said if I can find a ride then I can come. 

Harry: And it looks like you did right? 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, I did and I'm here. *chuckles* 

Harry: You know, you're really pretty Kim, I don't know why Louis hates you. 

Kim: And I don't know why I hate him. 

Eleanor: *walks and sees kim* Why is she here? 

Kim: *laughing with harry* 

Harry: *smiles at kim* 

Kim: *gets nervous* 

Harry: *grabs a napkin and wipes kims mouth* 

Kim: *moves back*  

Harry: Sorry, there was... 

Kim: *grabs the napkin and wipes her mouth* Sorry. 

Harry: *laughs* It's ok. 

Eleanor: *crosses her arms and rolls her eyes* Can't believe she's here. 

Kim: *phone rings* Sorry, can you excuse me for a minute. *leaves* Hello? 

Eleanor: So I see you're into Kim huh? 

Harry: Oh hey Eleanor. 

Eleanor: You seem to like Kim a lot. 

Harry: She's pretty and she's got a cute laugh. 

Eleanor: I hate her. 

Harry: Why? *chuckles* 

Eleanor: Please be with her. 

Harry: Why? 

Eleanor: Keep her away from Louis. *walks off* 

Kim: Yeah, I'm here already! *hangs up* Oh look more food. *grabs a plate* 

Louis: Harry, have you seen Kim? 

Harry: Yeah, she had a call and left somewhere. 

Louis: Dammit! 

Harry: Louis, Eleanor doesn't like Kim you know that right? 

Louis: How do you know? 

Harry: Because she told me to get with her, so you can stay away from her. 

Louis: Thanks for telling me. *walks off* 

Interviewer 1: Eleanor, what's going on between you and Louis so far? 

Eleanor: *smiles* Well, we're gonna get married. *smiles* 

Interviewer 2: So it's true that you two are getting marry? 

Eleanor: *sees Louis and smiles big* Yes, Louis and I are getting married. 

Louis: *gets upset* 

Eleanor: Sorry, excuse me. *runs after Louis* Babe! *smiles* 

Louis: Why did you say that? 

Eleanor: Well I was hoping we would be. *smiles shy* Do you want to marry me? 

Louis: *sees kim* Do I want to marry you? *walks off* 

Eleanor: Louis? *runs after him* 

Louis: Kim. *grabs kims hand* 

Kim: *turns around* 

Louis: *kisses kim* 

Eleanor: *gets hurt/jealous* 

Paparazzi's: *takes pictures of Louis kissing kim* 

Niall: Liam! Come Louis's announcing his wedding date! *runs off* 

Liam: Wedding? *runs after niall* 

Interviewer 2: Who is this women? 

Interviewer 1: When is the wedding? 

Interviewer 3: Is it true that you are getting married Louis?! 

Paparazzi's: *snapping photos* 

Louis: *puts his arms around kim* Yes, it's true. I'm getting married to this beautiful girl right here. *smiles for the camera* 

Interviewer 4: Who is she? 

Louis: Kim Johnson. *smiles big* 

Kim: *confused/uncomfortable* 

Johanna: What is this Louis? Who is she? What happened to Eleanor?! 

Louis: Eleanor and I are over mom, I'm getting married. 

Johanna: Who is she! How come I never met her before! 

Louis: Her name is Kim Johnson, she's very beautiful and I can't wait to tie the knots with her. 

Johanna: I'm disappointed in you Louis. 

Louis: Don't be, she's gonna be the best daughter in law you'll ever have. 

Johanna: I wanted you to marry Eleanor! Why didn't you listen to me on that! 

Louis: Too bad, the wedding with Kim is already next week. *gets up and leaves* 

Kim: Oh you're home, I was just gonna go out shopping, did you want anything? 

Louis: Yes, we need to talk about our wedding. 

Kim: Oh? Right. 

Louis: Sit down. 

Kim: *sits down* So? 

Louis: If you want to continue living here, we would have to agree with a few things. 

Kim: Ok like what? 

Louis: Let's get married by contract. 

Kim: What? 

Louis: Well make a list like rules and do them. 

Kim: I still don't... 

Louis: Ok, I'll make a list what I want you to do and you can make a list what you want me to do. Only the two of us will know about it. 

Kim: So we're gonna be married by contract only?  

Louis: Yeah, you still want to live here right? 

Kim: Yeah, maybe? 

Louis: Well too bad you are because I already told the press we were getting married. 

Kim: But what happens if the contract expires? 

Louis: We divorce. 

Kim: Sounds fair to me. 

Louis: And by that, you know what happens right? 

Kim: No? 

Louis: You should have been already looking for a place to live. 

Kim: Why can't you? You're the one with money and plus this is my house. 

Louis: Yeah, ok fine, I will then. 

Kim: Good. 

Louis: Shut up and go make your list. *walks off to his room* 

Danielle: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Danielle: Hi, is this Kim? 

Kim: Yeah, who's this? 

Danielle: This is Danielle, Liam's girlfriend. 

Kim: *screams* Oh my gosh! How, how did you get my number? 

Danielle: *laughs* I got it from Louis. 

Kim: Wow, this is so amazing, I can't believe I'm talking to you. I'm such a fan of yours. 

Danielle: Well thank you, I'm coming over in an hour, so be ready when I come ok? 

Kim: Yeah, where are we going? 

Danielle: Shopping for your wedding dress duh! 

Kim: Right, ok, I'll be ready. 

Danielle: Bye. 

Louis: *barges into the room* What happened? 

Kim: Danielle called me! 

Louis: Ok? Well are you done with your list because I am. 

Kim: Oh yeah, I just finished before Danielle called. 

Louis: Alright, here's mine, sign it. 

Kim: And here's mine, sign it. 

Louis: *grabs the paper and signs it* 

Kim: *looks at the paper* Hey! I'm not a slave here! 

Louis: Do you want to live here or not. 

Kim: *makes a face and signs the paper* Here! 

Louis: *takes the paper and looks at it* Wow. *laughs* Alright, a deal's a deal. You start right now. 

Kim: I can't! I have to get ready, Danielle's gonna take me to go shopping for my... wedding dress. 

Louis: Have fun. *leaves the room* 

Danielle: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door* Danielle! *hugs Danielle* 

Danielle: *smiles* Hey girl, are you ready? 

Kim: Yeah, I am. 

Danielle: Alright, let's go then. See you later Louis! 

Louis: Bye! 

Eleanor: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Hey Eleanor? 

Eleanor: I can't believe you. 

Louis: I'm sorry El. 

Eleanor: Do you know how hurt I am over this breaking news that's trending worldwide. 

Louis: Yeah, I do and I'm sorry that it had to end like this. 

Eleanor: Why? I thought she was only your maid? 

Louis: I guess I lied to you pretty well then. 

Eleanor: *tries not to cry* I hate you so much right now Louis. 

Louis: Go ahead; you have many reasons to be. 

Eleanor: I hope your marriage goes downhill. 

Louis: Excuse me? 

Eleanor: *hangs up* 

Perrie: That dress is perfect Kim! 

Kim: *smiles big* Really?  

Danielle: Yeah, if I was you, I wouldn't second guess it. You are rocking that wedding and that dress girl! 

Perrie: I don't know why Louis never mentioned you to us. 

Kim: Well you see, we kind of... 

Danielle: Perrie, he wanted it to be a surprise. Plus, look at her, she's beautiful, there's no way he would not marry her. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* 

Danielle: So are you gonna get it? 

Kim: I want to, how much is this dress? 

Perrie: $2,390. 

Kim: What! No way, I can't even afford it at all! 

Danielle: Who said you were paying? 

Kim: What. 

Perrie: Danielle and I are splitting it in half. 

Danielle: Yeah, well pay for it, so don't worry girl. *smiles* 

Kim: You two are so nice. 

Danielle: It's because we love you Kim. 

Kim: *chuckles softly*  

Cashier 1: Your total is $3,140. 

Perrie: We're gonna half it. *slides her card* 

Cashier 1: Ok. 

Danielle: *slides her card* 

Kim: Thank you two so much, I'll pay you two back, I promise. 

Perrie: *laughs* No need to, it's our gift for you. 

Danielle: Yeah, so don't worry Kim. *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Ok. 

Louis: So what kind of dress did you buy? 

Kim: I... 

Danielle: It's at my place for now. She'll get ready at my place. 

Louis: Ok. 

Danielle: Alright, so I'll see you next week then? 

Kim: Yeah. *fakes a smile* 

Louis: Clean up the house. 

Kim: *looks around* You made a mess! 

Louis: I was trying to cook for myself, but failed. So when you're done cleaning. *smiles* Cook for me my wife. *laughs* 

Kim: *annoyed* I can't believe I agreed to this. 

Johanna: *calls kim* 

Kim: *washing the dishes* Hello. 

Johanna: Hi is this Kim I'm talking to? 

Kim: Yeah, who is this? 

Johanna: Who is this? This is your mother in law. 

Kim: *gasp and drops her phone in the sink* 

Louis: *looks at kim* 

Johanna: Hello? Hello?! *hangs up* How rude of her. *crosses her arms upset* 

Kim: My phone... *gets sad* 

Louis: What happened? 

Kim: Your mother called and I panicked and dropped my phone into the water. 

Louis: Well, what do you want me to do about it? 

Kim: Get me a new phone! 

Louis: Ok, we can go tomorrow together. We can show the world that we love eachother and can't wait to get married. *fakes a smile* 

Kim: *disgusted* I hate you. 

Louis: You act like I don't hate you because I do. I hate your guts so much. I can't even stand having you live here and be my wife by contract. 

Kim: *gets mad* I hate you so much, that I wish I never met you! 

Louis: Well there must be a reason why we met on the plane. *walks off to the livingroom* 

Kim: *slams the pot* 

Louis: Hey! 

Kim: *gets scared* 

Louis: Careful with my pots! 

Kim: Sorry. *puts the next pot down gently* 

Louis: Well which phone do you want? 

Kim: *smiles* I like this one. 

Louis: That's $599! 

Kim: You asked which one I liked and I want this one. 

Louis: $100 is your max. 

Kim: Ugh! 

Louis: Ok, $90. 

Kim: No! 

Louis: Should we go lower? 

Kim: *gets upset* 

Worker 5: *looks at Louis and kim* 

Louis: *fakes a smile* $150 then. 

Kim: $200. 

Louis: $190. 

Kim: Then forget it. *walks off* 

Louis: Ok fine $500. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok then I want this one. 

Louis: $499?! By $500, I meant without tax! 

Kim: Well it's neither this one or the $699 one. 

Louis: Fine. Well buy this one. 

Worker 5: Ok. *scans the item* Your total is $550. 

Louis: *looks at kim with evil eyes* 

Kim: *looks at Louis and smiles* Thank you... honey. *laughs and walks off* 

Louis: *grabs the bag and catches up with kim* You're welcome... babe! *gets upset* 

Kim: *annoyed* 

Johanna: *rings the doorbell and waits outside* 

Louis: Mom? 

Kim: *looks/gasp* 

Louis: What? 

Kim: I didn't call her back yesterday, maybe she's here to punish me about it. 

Louis: Relax, it'll be ok. *gets out the car* Mom! *runs and hugs Johanna* 

Johanna: *smiles* Hey son. I didn't know you two left, I should have called.  

Louis: Just in time mom. 

Johanna: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* Hi. 

Johanna: Are you gonna invite me in? 

Kim: Oh, sorry. *opens the door* Come in. 

Johanna: It's a nice house boo bear. 

Louis: Yeah, well actually... 

Kim: My parents built this house when they were still alive. 

Johanna: Were still alive? 

Kim: They went out for a drive and never came back; I got the call and was told that they died in a car crash. 

Louis: *gives kim a serious look* 

Kim: *looks at Louis* 

Johanna: When was this? 

Kim: *looks back at Johanna* Well it took my parents almost two years to finish building this house. It was finished in 2005. 

Johanna: The house is eight years old then? 

Kim: Yes. 

Johanna: How old were you when your parents died? 

Kim: I was about sixteen. 

Johanna: So it's only been what? 

Kim: *tries not to cry* Four years since they left. 

Johanna: Well I'm sorry about your parents. 

Kim: It's ok. 

Johanna: Well I came here really was not to talk about your parents, but about the wedding. 

Kim: Oh? 

Louis: Yeah, the wedding's still on, we can't wait to get married. 

Johanna: So for sure, for sure it's still on? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Johanna: No reason why? 

Kim: The reason is because... 

Louis: *puts his arms around kim* We're in love and can't stand being apart mom. I can't wait until she officially becomes your daughter in law. 

Johanna: I still wish Eleanor was, but I guess I'll have to get use to this. *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks down sad* 

Johanna: I'm going home; I can't stand being under the same roof with someone I don't like. 

Louis: Mom! 

Johanna: I'm sorry, but it's just the truth, goodbye son. 

Louis: Bye mom. *hugs Johanna* 

Johanna: *hugs Louis back* 

Kim: Bye, thanks for coming... 

Johanna: Yeah, whatever. *leaves* 

Louis: I'm really sorry about your parents. 

Kim: It's ok, I mean I really wish they were still here, but only god know why they left. 

Louis: Yeah and I'm sorry about what my mom just said. 

Kim: No I deserve to hear it actually. She loves Eleanor and I'm sure she and Eleanor are both very hurt with the results of us getting married, especially how it's trending number one worldwide still. 

Louis: Yeah, but everything will be ok. Our secret is kept well here. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Louis: Well I'm gonna get ready for my party, I'll be home later. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Louis: *leaves*

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