Look After You

Look After You; Kim's friend Jessica and Jack bought Kim a plane ticket to London to stay for 2 weeks. In the plane, she meets Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and bumps head with him. When Kim returns home early, her house is up for sale and there is no sign or contact of Jessica or Jack. She's broke, has no place to stay, so she sleeps outside her house in the back porch. The next day she wakes up, workers are bringing in things into the house. Kim surprisingly sees Louis from the corner and things begin to heat up. Louis hates Kim's guts from what happened in the plane and Kim has her days with Louis because she loves him and his music. In order for Kim to get her house back, Louis and Kim signs a contract between them two to be married that no one knows of, but will have a real wedding for the press. Read on and see how they end up.


1. 1.1

Kim: *walks to the sofa* Guys, there's something I need to tell you. 

Jack: Wait, before you talk, Jessica and I have something to tell you. 

Kim: *chuckles* Ok?  

Jack: Sit down first. 

Kim: Is it good news or bad news? 

Jack: Just sit down and listen. *smiles* 

Kim: *sits down* Ok, now what did you two want to tell me? 

Jessica: Kim, Jack and I bought you plane ticket to London. 

Kim: What? 

Jessica: Yeah, didn't you always want to go there? Well we both pitched in and bought you one. 

Kim: *screams in excitement* No way!  

Jack: *smiles* You're going right now. 

Kim: Right... right now! I'm not even ready! 

Jack: You'll be there for two weeks Kim, have fun. 

Kim: Two weeks! Wow, this has got to be the most amazing thing ever! Thank you guys so much for this. 

Jessica: *smiles* Ok, now go pack before you miss your flight. 

Kim: Right. *gets up and runs to her room* 

Jack: We're awesome. 

Jessica: Yes, we are. *smiles* 

Kim: Ok, I'm all pack. 

Jack: Great, let's take you to the airport. 

Kim: Again, thank you two so much for doing this for me. I owe you two so, so much. 

Jessica: Ok, hurry up and just go. 

Kim: Take care of my house please! 

Jack: *looks at Jessica* Yes, we will. 

Kim: *smiles* Bye! *runs off* 

Jessica: Let's go! 

Flight Attendant 1: Hello, would you like me to show you to your seat? 

Kim: Yes please, that'll be great. *smiles* 

Flight Attend 1: Alright, right this way.  

Kim: *follows* 

Flight Attend 1: Ok, here's your seat. Is there anything I can get for you? 

Kim: No, that'll be all. 

Flight Attend 1: Ok. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: *taking off her coat* 

Louis: *sits down next to kim* 

Kim: *shocked/gasp* Oh my gosh! 

Louis: *looks at kim* Can I help you? 

Kim: You're, you're Louis Tomlinson! 

Louis: *chuckles softly* Yeah, I am. 

Kim: *screams* Oh my gosh! I can't believe I'm sitting right next to you! *laughs* This is so amazing, such a dream come true! 

Louis: *annoyed* Listen, this is gonna be a long flight to London; I'm tired, I been up all day and night. I want some sleep, so can you please stop talking. 

Kim: *smiles big* Wow, you are so much more handsome in person. 

Louis: *puts on his sunglasses and relaxes/goes to sleep* 

Flight Attend 1: *talks/demonstrates/etc* 

Kim: *falls asleep and accidently leans on Louis* 

Louis: *wakes up* What the? 

Kim: *sleeping* 

Louis: Hey! 

Kim: *doesn't hear Louis* 

Louis: Hey, I'm talking to you! 

Kim: *moves* 

Louis: *pushes kim off of him* 

Kim: *wakes up* 

Louis: Can you not sleep on me! 

Kim: Oh? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. *looks around* How long was I asleep for? 

Louis: *puts on his sunglasses back on and goes back to sleep* 

Kim: Wow for a good looking person you sure are rude in person. *turns and looks at the window* Oh look! We're here! *shakes louis's arm* 

Louis: *wakes up quick* Girl!  

Kim: We're in London. *smiles* 

Louis: *leans over and looks* Finally, I can get some real rest! *gets up and leaves* 

Kim: Where are you going? *grabs onto louis's shirt and rips it* 

Louis: *looks and gets upset* You ripped my shirt! 

Kim: *embarrassed* I'm sorry, I can fix that for you or buy you a new shirt. 

Louis: *walks off mad* 

Kim: Wa, wait!  

Louis: *gets off the plane* 

Kim: *gets off the plane* 

Eleanor: Babe! *smiles* 

Louis: El! *smiles and hugs Eleanor* I missed you babe. *kisses Eleanor* 

Eleanor: I missed you too.  

Kim: *walking and sees Louis with Eleanor* Is that? Oh, who my kidding, I'll never have a chance with him, so much for blowing it on the plane Kim. *walks off*  

Front Desk Lady: Hello, are you checking in? 

Kim: Yes I am. 

Front Desk Lady: Ok, what's your name? 

Kim: Kim Johnson. 

Front Desk Lady: Um, there's no name under that. 

Kim: What? Are you sure?  

Front Desk Lady: I'll look again. *searches* Yeah, you're not, I'm sorry. 

Kim: *upset* Wow, this trip just went from cool to poo. 

Harry: *walks by* Hi, I left my key in my room, can I get another spare one? 

Kim: *gasp/surprised* 

Front Desk Lady: Yes, what's your name? 

Harry: Harry Styles. 

Kim: You're Harry Styles! 

Harry: *chuckles* Yes I am. 

Kim: Wow. *chuckles* I lied, this trip keeps getting better and better. *smiles* 

Front Desk Lady: Here's your key. 

Harry: *takes the key* Thank you. *putting the key in his wallet* 

Front Desk Lady: I need a credit card and id if you want to check in. 

Kim: I don't even have enough money to book my own room for two weeks. 

Harry: Are you from here? 

Kim: Uh, no, well actually my friend said they booked me a hotel room here for two weeks. That's why I'm here, but somehow the names not on here and I don't have any money to book a hotel for me for two weeks. 

Harry: Miss, put it under my name please. 

Kim: What! Harry! 

Louis: Harry? *looks at kim* What are you doing here? 

Harry: *smiles* No need to thank me. *walks off with Louis* 

Kim: *stares at harry and Louis walking off*  

Front Desk Lady: Mam, mam! 

Kim: Huh?  

Front Desk Lady: Here's your key to your room. 

Kim: Oh sorry, thank you. *takes the keys and leaves* 

Louis: You know that girl? 

Harry: *undressing* Who? 

Louis: I don't know, you told her that she didn't need to thank you. 

Harry: Oh her, no I don't know her, I was just being nice. 

Louis: Mate, I sat next to her on plane and my god she was annoying and just couldn't stop talking. 

Harry: She's probably a diehard fan? 

Louis: Let's not go there, who would buy a first class ticket just to sit next to me? 

Harry: *laughs* Someone would and it happened. *smiles* 

Louis: *mocks harry's laugh* Shut up.  

Kim: *lays on the bed* Wow, I can't believe I'm here in London! *screams* Oh my gosh, I should go buy something to replace Louis's shirt that I ripped. *gets out of bed* I wonder what room he's in though? I'll go ask. 

Front Desk Lady: Hi, can I help you? 

Kim: Do you know what room Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson is in? 

Front Desk Lady: I can't tell you, sorry. 

Kim: Please, I'm returning them a favor for what they did for me. 

Front Desk Lady: I'm sorry, all I can tell you is that they're on the 12th floor. 

Kim: Thank you. *leaves the hotel and goes shopping* 

Louis: Alright, well I'm gonna go back to my room, I'll see you in the morning. 

Harry: Alright mate. 

Louis: Night. *leaves* 

Kim: *looking for louis's room* 

Louis: What are you doing? 

Kim: Oh? I was looking for you, I bought you something. 

Louis: Bought me something? 

Kim: Yeah, I ripped your shirt earlier, so I bought you one that looks exactly the same. 

Louis: *looks at his shirt* Yeah, you did rip my shirt. *gets upset again* 

Kim: Here you go. 

Louis: *takes the bag and leaves* 

Kim: You're welcome! 

Louis: *opens the door* 

Kim: *gasp* He's in room 214! I wonder what room Harry is in? Or what if the others are here in this hotel too! *screams silently* 

Paul: Can I help you? 

Kim: No. 

Paul: You can't hang out in front of this hall room. 

Kim: *looks at the door* Oh? Sorry, I was just leaving. *walks off* 

Paul: *knocks on the door* It's Paul. 

(9 Days Later) 

Kim: *sits on the bed* I haven't even done anything and I'm gonna be leaving soon. *looks in her wallet* Oh no! I don't even have any money anymore! *upset* I only enough to get back home. *sighs* Oh well, I guess I should pack and leave tonight to save me money. 

Flight Attend 2: Hi, would you like me to show you to your seat? 

Kim: *sad* No, I can find it myself. 

Flight Attend 2: Ok. *smiles* 

Kim: *finds her seat and sits down* What a trip I had. *lays back and goes to sleep* 

Flight Attend 2: We have landed safely in Los Angeles, California. 

Kim: *gets out of the plane and into the taxi* 

Taxi 1: That'll be $21.43. 

Kim: *gives the money to the taxi driver* 

Taxi 1: Take care. 

Kim: Thank you again. 

Taxi 1: *drives off* 

Kim: *gasp* For sale?! Wha... What happened to my house?! *walks up to the sign* For sale. Who would? *screams* Oh you two are so dead when I see you two! *calls Jessica* 

Service: The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service. 

Kim: No, no longer in service! *calls jack* 

Service: The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service. 

Kim: What! They are so dead I swear! *sits on the porch* What am I gonna do, mom, dad, I'm sorry I lost the house. I was tricked and fooled. *gets sad* I'm really sorry mom and dad. *looks at the sky* Oh no, it's already dark, where am I gonna sleep? *gets up and walks to the back* Oh well, I guess I can just sleep back here. *lays on the back porch and goes to sleep* 

Worker 1: *bringing in the things* 

Kim: *hears and wakes up* Huh? 

Worker 2: Let's set it right here. 

Kim: What in the world? 

Worker 3: *bringing in more things* 

Kim: Who? Are those my stuff? *looks at the cars/gasp* Is that, is that Louis? 

Louis: *gets off the phone* Can you put that in my room please. 

Worker 4: Ok. 

Kim: Hey! 

Louis: *turns around and chuckles* What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in London?! 

Kim: Aren't you! 

Louis: No, I bought this house and I'm moving in today. 

Kim: You bought this hou... No! 

Louis: *chuckles* Excuse me? 

Kim: This is my house, who sold you it! 

Louis: The owners and I can clearly say that the owners weren't you. 

Kim: Owners? No! They tricked you! This is my house! My parents built it! It took them almost two years to finish it! *tries not to cry* This is my parents' house! You can't live in it. 

Louis: Already paid 450g for it. 

Kim: *gasp* Well... where's my stuff at? 

Louis: Thrown out duh? 

Kim: Who sold you the house again? 

Louis: The owners. 

Kim: Name?! 

Louis: Jessica and... 

Kim: Jack! I knew those two were up to something! 

Louis: Is there something I need to know? 

Kim: They sold you my parents' house! 

Louis: *takes out some money* Here, go stay in a hotel for the mean while until you find a job and can get your own house. 

Kim: No! I want this house back! 

Louis: No, but I'll be nice, you can stay with me for a few days until you can get your own place. 

Kim: *smiles* Really? 

Louis: Yeah, but don't ever talk to me. 

Kim: Oh, how boring then. 

Louis: Or you can be my house keeper and maid. 

Kim: *gasp* What! 

Louis: Yeah, you'll get your own room back and clean and can cook for us. 

Kim: Fine! 

Louis: *laughs and walks off* 

Kim: So what am I doing exactly? 

Louis: Clean, put my things away and organize the house for me. 

Kim: That's not fair! What are you gonna be doing? 

Louis: I'm gonna go to sleep. *walks into the elevator* I'll be down in 3 hours, everything better be done. *smiles* 

Kim: *frustrated* Clean and organize your house for you? More like it's my house! 

Louis: Don't forget I'm paying you $200 each day. 

Kim: *crosses her arms mad* I hate you! 

Louis: *walking to his room* I hate you more. *rolls his eyes* 

Kim: *cleans and organizes* 

Louis: *walks down the stairs* Wow, I never seen anyone do things so quick. 

Kim: Give me my 200. 

Louis: Here's an extra 50 for being done so quick. 

Kim: *smiles big* Really? *takes the money* Thank you! 

Louis: I'm going out, there better be some food ready when I get back in an hour or so. 

Kim: *sighs* 

Louis: I'll give you another 50, that'll be 300 for you. 

Kim: Yes, they'll be food here waiting for you! *walks off* 

Louis: *puts his shoes on and leaves* 

Eleanor: So there's a girl living with you? 

Louis: Don't worry, she's just living there until she can make enough to buy her own place. 

Eleanor: Why is she there? 

Louis: Well, it's a long story, but she'll be out in no time ok. 

Eleanor: No, tell me why she's there. 

Louis: She'll be working at my maid and house keeper. Like I said, she won't be there for long, you'll move in with me soon babe. 

Eleanor: She better be out by next week. 

Louis Yes, she'll already be gone before next week. 

Eleanor: Good. *smiles* 

Louis: *kisses Eleanor* I love you babe. 

Eleanor: I love you too. *smiles* 

Kim: *sighs* Done!. *goes into her room* 

Louis: *opens the door*  

Kim: *hears the door and runs out her room* 

Louis: Smells good in here. 

Eleanor: Yeah, it does. 

Kim: *sees Eleanor* 

Louis: *looks up* Oh, you're home. 

Kim: *walks down the stairs* Yeah, I'm home, I just got done cooking and cleaning again. 

Eleanor: This is the girl that's living with you? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Eleanor: Wake up Louis! 

Louis: *confused* What? 

Eleanor: Listen lady, I don't know who you are, but you are banned from talking to my boyfriend you hear me! 

Kim: Oh, that was the first rule Eleanor. 

Eleanor: How do you know my name? 

Kim: Every directioner should know their favs girlfriend's name. 

Eleanor: You're a... 

Kim: Yeah, believe it or not. 

Eleanor: I'm going home. 

Louis: No stay and eat with us. 

Eleanor: Us? 

Kim: Don't worry, I already ate. *walks back upstairs* 

Eleanor: I have to go Louis. *walks out the house* 

Louis: Kim! 

Kim: *walks out of her room* Yes? 

Louis: Throw everything out and clean up the dishes!  

Kim: *sighs and walks down the stairs*  

Louis: *walks up the stairs* 

Kim: Don't need to pay me. 

Louis: I wasn't! 

Kim: *makes a mad face* 

Louis: I'm off to bed; don't forget to turn off all the lights when you're done cleaning. 

Kim: *cleaning the dishes* Yeah, I hear you. 

Louis: *lays on the bed* What a day with her. *turns around and closes his eyes* 

Kim: *turns off the lights and goes to bed* 

Harry: *rings the doorbell* 

Louis: *hears the doorbell* Kim! 

Kim: *hears Louis calling her and ignore it* 

Louis: God dammit, where is she? *walks down the stairs and opens the door* 

Harry: Sorry were you still sleeping? 

Louis: I was. 

Harry: Nice house. 

Louis: Come in, I'll get ready. 

Kim: *walks out her room and sees harry* Harry? *hides* Oh no, he can't know that I'm living here with Louis. What if he tells the press and then I'm in trouble. Or, or what if Louis tells him and... oh no, why is this happening. 

Louis: What are you doing? 

Kim: Huh? Oh, I was just... 

Louis: *looks down and sees harry* Oh, don't want to be found out about? 

Kim: No. 

Louis: Don't worry, you won't. *walks down the stairs* Go stay in your room. 

Kim: *runs to her room and closes the door* 

Louis: *rolls his eyes and chuckles* 

Harry: Alright, so we're gonna go eat right? Eleanor, you, and I right? 

Louis: Yeah, do me a favor and go pick up Eleanor for me. I'll meet you two there. 

Harry: You want me to pick up Eleanor? 

Louis: Yeah. *chuckles softly* 

Harry: Ok, I'll see you in a bit then. 

Louis: See ya. 

Harry: *leaves* 

Louis: *knocks on kims door*  

Kim: *opens the door* Yeah? 

Louis: Get ready. 

Kim: Where my going? 

Louis: You're gonna go eat with me. 

Kim: Um, I don't... 

Louis: I'm paying, don't worry. 

Kim: Oh, ok then. 

Louis: *leaves the room* 

Kim: *gets dress* 

Eleanor: How come he told you to come pick me up? 

Harry: I don't know, but he said he'll meet us there. 

Eleanor: Weird. 

Harry: I'm just as confused as you are too El. 

Eleanor: *smiles* 

Kim: Oh my gosh, you didn't tell me that Harry and Eleanor were gonna be here too! 

Louis: Yeah, they are.  

Kim: *trying to cover her face with booklet* 

Louis: *moves the booklet* 

Harry: *sees kim and smiles confused* Hey it's you, didn't I meet you in London? 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Yeah you did. About that, I can pay you back once I get paid. 

Harry: No, no need too. *chuckles* 

Eleanor: You two know eachother? And why didn't you tell me she was coming? 

Louis: Sorry, it was a last minute thing. 

Harry: Yeah, I helped pay for her hotel stay. 

Louis: Why? 

Harry: Her name wasn't shown in their computer. 

Louis: Well duh, that means she wasn't booked into it. 

Harry: It's ok Louis, she looked nervous and uncomfortable there. Was it your first time in London? 

Kim: Yeah it was, my friends they booked me there so they can sell my... 

Louis: *kicks kim from under the table* 

Kim: Ow! 

Harry: Are you ok? 

Kim: Yeah, sorry. *looks at Louis and gives him a look* 

Louis: *smiles* So, are you guys ready for tomorrow's premier? 

Harry: Yeah, I haven't even talked to the others yet, have you? 

Louis: No, but I think Niall's flying in in an hour. 

Harry: Great, let's go pick him up. 

Louis: I can't, I have to drop someone off. 

Harry: I can drop her off; I'll meet you and Eleanor at the airport. 

Louis: *chuckles and scratches his head* It's ok, I can... 

Eleanor: Why are you so concerned for Louis? She lives with you! 

Harry: You live with Louis? 

Kim: Uh... 

Harry: I'm sorry, I didn't even catch your name, what was it? 

Kim: Kim. 

Harry: Kim, are you living with Louis? 

Kim: Yeah, I am, but just for a couple more days and then I'm off on my own. 

Harry: *laughs* Wow, this is something funny. 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle* Yeah, I know right. 

Louis: Well, I really enjoyed eating out with you two, but I'm gonna take Kim back home and I'll meet you at the airport Harry. 

Eleanor: What about me? 

Louis: Oh. *takes out his wallet* Here's 50, find a taxi and get home. 

Eleanor: *gasp*  

Louis: Let's go Kim. *walks off* 

Kim: *gets up* Sorry, it was nice to meet you two, but I really have to go now. *runs after Louis* 

Louis: What are you wearing tomorrow? 

Kim: Tomorrow? You're inviting me to the premier? 

Louis: I don't want to, but I am. 

Kim: Well then don't, I don't want to go. 

Louis: What happened to "I'm a huge directioner." 

Kim: I don't want to go! 

Louis: The other's will be there. 

Kim: I, I'll think about it. *gets out of the car* 

Louis: *about to drive off* 

Kim: Hey! 

Louis: What?! 

Kim: I need the keys to get in. 

Louis: *sighs and gets out the car and opens the door* 

Kim: Thank... 

Louis: *takes off the house key* Keep it. *walks back to the car and drives off* 

Kim: *looks at the keys* Weird. 

Niall: Harry! *hugs harry* 

Harry: Niall! *hugs niall* 

Niall: Where's Louis? 

Harry: He sent a friend home, he should be here any minute now. Oh wait there he is. 

Niall: Louis! 

Louis: Niall! *runs and hugs niall* 

Niall: I missed you Louis! 

Louis: I missed you more mate! *laughing* 

Kim: *looks around the house* Well, I guess I can go for a jog since I now have the house keys. *puts on her running shoes* 

Louis: Alright, I'll see you guys tomorrow. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: *jogging behind the house at the beach* 

Louis: *rings the doorbell* Ok Kim, I know you're home. *rings the doorbell again and waits* What the hell! *bangs on the door* 

Kim: *turns the corner* Oh, you're home? 

Louis: Yeah I am! Where did you go! 

Kim: I went for a jog at the beach behind our house. 

Louis: Our? 

Kim: You know what I meant. 

Louis: Just hurry up and open the door! 

Kim: Ok, sorry. *opens the door* 

Louis: *touching his phone* 

Kim: I'm gonna shower, I'll clean up when I'm out. *uses the elevator* 

Louis: Annoying person. *turns on the tv and watches football*

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