Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


6. the threat text

(Zayn POV)

I wake up to my lovely girlfriend still asleep I get up and change I go to the living room and watch tv and I hear a scream and it sounded like Nat I run apstairs Nat was on her phone she had a worried face I run over to her "whats wrong" I ask her she handed my a phone and there it was the text it read I see you didnt break up with him tic tok or say hello to your death bed. It had a picture of a girl head chopped up on a death bed "who would do this" I look at her she was in tears.

"I think its Emily" she said my ex she used to bully Nat she didnt hurt her though it made perfect sense I pulled out my phone and called simon

"Hey Uncle Si I need a huge favor me and my girlfriend are in huge danger and we need the best sercurty possibly some police officers"

"no prob Zayn" and we hung up then I called up Paul

"Hey Pauly we need you to be on a look at for my ex Emily and have the police on speed dial and the emergancy room"

"ok and why"

"well me and Nat are in trouble that includes death"

"Ok" and we hung up I started to hug Nat i whispered to her we'll be fine and she smiled slightly.

"but what if were not I cant take this risk Zayn" she said

"dont worry Emily cant take a single punch"

"but she can sure throw one" I was confused

"what do you mean" Nat pulled up her sleeve she always wore a jacket or sweat shirt since after Emily started bullying with her and she had bruises all over her arm "where did you get these"

"Emily when no one was around would torture me" ofcourse Emily was a bitch all the time to Nat then nat turned around and showed me 3 scars on her back in a row "Emily once threw me on a locker"

"why didnt you stand up for yourself your way stronger" Nat could throw a punch one time her house was nearly robbed and the guy was armed but he had muscles but Nat took that guy and knocked him un consienct.

'shes popular she would ruin my life" Nat said.

(Nat POV)

I showed Zayn all my scars from Emily and told him what happened *Flash back* "you little peenie nerd I know you like my boyfriend your "friend" well stop" she punced me

"no i dont" she kicked me hard

"little bastard dont try to lie you have feelings for him but he'll never love you your ugly and a nerd Zayn is out of your league fat ass"she punched my stomach

"but you have the biggest ass here" I shot back

"what did you say bitch"she said kicking me

"your ass is huge the biggest in school now fuck off " I told her with confidence she threw me at the locker

"you listen up my ass isnt big and your so weak what could you do"

"I could hit you so hard your yellow teeth would fall out"

"do it then" a free shot I couldnt I'd get expelled I'd get caught but she never did

"i cant"

"I knew it"

"but if i wanted to i would but i dont want to bitch" I said and smirked

*end of flash back*

I cried at the memory but Zayn took me in his arms and I hid my head in his chest the boys were in the room the whole time and came to comfort me as well as Harrys girlfriend Stephanie and Alex my bffs of all time they all left but Zayn he stayed there to comfort me "we'll be ok" he kept telling me but it didnt feel like we will...

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