Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


13. The Romantic Dinner

(Zayn POV)

I finally decided it was boring doing the same thing and I could tell Nat wanted to do something diffrent I had no idea what to do for our next date I called Jade to see if she could help me "hello'

"hi Jade I need some help with me and Nat I dont know what to do for our next date"

"well I was told you never took her out on a romantic dinner and she might like one"

"well I'll try thx Jade bye'

"no prblem bye" we hung up and I took her to the fanciest restreaunt she was beutiful she wore a black strapless top belted with bow to connect with a cheetah print short long skirt and black stilletos hair up in a nicely high curly pony tail bangs perfectly straight. After dinner we went home and went to bed. I had a great time. I could tell Nat did to.

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