Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


14. propasal

(Nat POV)

The boys were on break from tour for a year so I had alot of time to hang out with Zayn. I woke up this mornin and he was gone I went to the living room and he was sitting on the couch I went and sat next to him. He put his arm around me "goodmorning" he said.

"goodmorning"I said back and kissed him. Zayn picked me up and carried me upstairs "what are you doing"

"You'll see" Zayn said he took me into our room and layed on the bed gently and ran to the bathroom grabbed something and came out.

(Zayn POV)

I came out the bathroom and went to Nat she was sitting on the bed watching me with caouristy I didnt do anything fancy I got on one knee pulled out a black leather box and opened it and asked her to marry me I saw tears of joy slide down her cheeks "YES" she said I slid the ring on her finger I got up and she hugged me and we kissed. We ran downstairs and told everyone the news. Nat and me went back up stairs after so many hugs her arm was hurting and I went to get her pain pills for her.


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