Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


10. Party

Everyone came Alex and Steph took Nat to the the hair salon Nat was wearing a white love top a white cropped leather jacket and pre ripped jeans with white ankle boot heels and when they came back everyone was hiding when they came back her hair was dip diyed blue and purple she looked beuitiful "i love your hair" I told her she blushed and looked at the ground and everyone jumped up yelling suprise she looked around the room to where everyone was she was very suprised and hugged me "let me intruduce you to some people" I said leading her towards them "this is Debby Ryan" they said hi and talked a little then I went and intruduced her to Ariana then Adam Sandler then the other Adam after I intruduced her to everyone I had planned a secret suprise I took her upstairs and found what I was looking for I grabbed it and handed it to her. She looked up at me and smiled Nat opened it "a guitar!" she said suprised "thank you so much" she hugged then kissed me.

"Niall said he'd help you learn to play" she smiled and we kissed then Niall came to get us it was time for her to open presents we got up and went down stairs everyone was sorrunding where me and Nat were going to sit there was a present from everyone.

(Nat POV)

I grabbed a present it was from Jennette I opened it there was a piece of paper it had her number an it I put it in my pocket and opened the small box there was a pair of dcs and a red polka dotted sweatshirt "thank you i love it" I said giving her a hug then I grabbed another it was from Taylor Swift I opened it there was a necklace it had my Name on it I thanked her as well and gave her a huge after i went through most of the presents I found Jades Perries Leigh-Ann and Jesy 4 seprate boxes and one from all of them. Jade got me light blue leather jacket cropped pf course and her number Perrie also gave me her number (they all did all the girls who came to the party anyway) and a pair of boots no heel Leigh-Ann gave me a very cool nail kit I started to do my nails on a daily basis Jesy got me something not to girly fish net gloves in purple I loved fishnet gloves but I thought they were super punk but I loved it then the one from all of them was was a a braclet that had the words just doing me ingraved in the star I loved it then the guys I had already opened Zayns then I opened Nialls it was a thing of lip gloss (I wore lipgloss every day) there was like 100 lip glosses Harry got me Our Moment perfume Louis got me a moustache necklace Liam got me 3dds with mario kart he wanted to go against me "challege accepted I got an and so did I got yoshi and he got Mario I was in second but on his tail then I got in front and won. "HA I win" I yelled happily I was having a blast then I gave everyone who gave me there number my number.

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