Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


1. Nats Back

(zayns pov)

"hi love" i say turning around i examine the fan and relize its our #1 fan "N-Nat" i sturtted

I she was in texas i thought i would never see til our next break "what are you doing here"

"stop siging at first it was for you but now professinal and you not there i cant do it any more" i hug and kiss her "i missed you so much"she says

"i missed you to" Niall wasnt paying attention and started talking to us

"sorry love but we got to go"

"shes um actually coming with us " Niall starts again i tell him its Nat and she takes out the heels she meet him in and he remebered.

We didnt have any where for Nat to sleep alone so I let her stay with me and she doesnt mind and neither does I.After catching up we go to bed I put my arm around her waist and she holds my hand in hers and it feels right. I wake up Nats there sound asleep she looked so peaceful. Her hand still in my I just lay there so i wouldnt wake her.


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