Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


8. Hospital

I went in she told me she didnt know why she quite but she was lying I knew what she was up to "can you explain why" I gave a look to tell I knew what she was up to I wasnt going to stop her.She was a master at lying I knew when she was lying me only.

"Ok you came back for me your...." she interupted me and kissed me I kissed back.

"boyfriend" she finshed "you"

"you remebered fast" Liam said not relizing what just happened no one did me and Nat rolled our eyes.

"she pretended like she didnt rember we are dating" I said everyone started laughing like I was a idiot.

"its true" she said everyone stopped laughing

"why did you do that"

"did you not just see what happened"she said everyone let out a ohhh the doctor came in and said shes free to go. even though her arm was just cut I carried her bridal style into our room and closed the door I laid her on the bed her arm was in pain still so I was careful I laid next to her and kissed her lips were soft then we were inturpted by a loud Irish guy Niall "What the hell Niall" I yelled

"I came to see if her arm was ok"

"havent you heard of knocking"

"nope so hows your arm Nat"

"it hurts a little but its ok"

"oh the doctor told me to give these to you" he pulled out pain medication and left she put the pills down on the dresser and we began to kiss oncemore until we couldnt anymore soon we went down stairs I carreid her again bridal style and went to the living room "lets watch a movie"Louis said

"TOY STORY!!!" Liam yellled we watched toy story and Nat had her head laying on my chest and I put my arm around her.


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