Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


5. Hate

(Nats POV)

I finally could walk out in the street no disguise a couple fans here or there but not as much as there use to be. I hade 3000 followers on twitter not like the millions of followers i used to have. Louis had a girlfriend Alex. Later that day we went to a shoot they were filming little things. The guys being themeselves off camera. Me and Alex went shopping and I got a text I pulled out my phone the number was blocked it read Zayn doesnt love you and you dont love Zayn i know it break up with him or else you know what im capable of and if you show this to him your dead or he's dead!

I knew who it was my rival we are both nerds but I had style she didnt I had glasses and a look that could pass me as cool if I were dumb. Rebecca was capable of many things but I knew her weakness and I am still a little bit famous i had 3000 followers and she had what 60 I was powerful she was weak now.

I didnt bother showing anyone this was my battle and I was going to win I was always stronger than she was but she was popular so now I used to be famous I was more popular but than I relized and re checked my phone Rebecca hated Zayn it wasnt her I had her number she was a bully towards me and sent threat texts one said ha you choose that loser Zayn to be your boyfriend he isnt any where near cute. It had to be someone who likes Zayn. His ex the only other girl he dated (but I was his first kiss). His other girlfriend only liked him because his family was rich. Emily was a bitch and was strong but me I was way stronger than she was but she didnt know because I never fought back.

Alex and I were tired and went home I went to find Zayn he was in the room in bed watching tv I layed down next to him he kissed me "how was shopping"

"good we didnt get anything though" then we fell asleep.

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